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The Real Diet of Man is Very Simple

An Introduction to "The Real Diet of Man"

There is no better "diet" for losing weight, building the immune system, gaining strength, and for improving and maintaining health than "The Real Diet of Man."  That is an absolute, unequivocal scientific fact.  It works for everyone and all they have to do is eat!  If you are overweight and dine only on foods that replicate the nutritional profile man had prior to the invention of grain farming, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.  Interestingly, many other chronic diseases are also arrested and in some cases eliminated  with "The Real Diet of Man."  (Read True Health Stories.)  And, if you are in competitive sports, "The Real Diet of Man" will increase your strength and stamina.  It only makes sense if you think about it!  So read on.

Since you must be a curious sort of person, you must wonder sometimes why it is the modern world's food supply fails to supply Omega-3 fatty acids and other critical nutrients?  At one time it did because for millions of years no one took vitamins and Omega-3 supplements yet our bodies demand those nutrients and more!  Obviously, many modern foods do not provide the nutrients required for proper body function.  So why is that?  Does the fault lie with infertile soils?  Is it pollution?  Is it agricultural chemicals?  Is it because of Big Business?  Or is it the fault of modern concocted foods (which are now traditional foods) and the food choices individuals make?  The answer will surprise you.

It was not until the late 1970s that nutritional scientists started realizing human bodies required a very finite balance of nutrients or body failure (both mental and physical) was a consequence.  That was when they figured out traditional modern foods are a huge problem and even a diversified diet of modern foods will not work.  The problem is really huge because most of our nation's food supply is based on what I call "invented foods"!  Only "real foods" supply the perfect balance of required nutrients and this Web site "gives you the answer on a silver platter" as to what is and is not real food -- and why.  Amazingly, REAL FOOD is readily available everywhere and all bodies always respond positively to "The Real Diet of Man."  Therefore the choice for optimal health is yours.  Welcome to our healthy world.

. . .  Ted Slanker


The Real Diet of Man is Very Simple

There seems to be thousands of diets.  Ancestral, Atkins, South Beach, Glycemic Impact, Phase, Suzzane Somers, The Biggest Loser, Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Sodium, High Fiber, eDiets, Paleo, Paleolithic, Caveman, Mediterranean, Maker's, Grapefruit, Fat Flush, Acai, Vegetarian, Blood Type, Lactose-Free, Heart Smart, Healthy Soy, Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic, Perricone, and Slim Fast are just a few of the popular ones we've all heard about.  Yet in spite of all the money being raked in by the promoters of these many different diets – in actual fact there is only one diet.  It's the diet of man before his invention of grain farming and other agricultural pursuits.  Some people call this the Ancestral diet, Paleo diet, Hunter Gatherer diet, or Caveman diet.  I simply call it The Real Diet of Man.

The basic tenets of this approach is that all foods required for optimizing body and brain function must cover three critically important "A, B, C" parameters or else don't eat them.

  • A.  Eat low glycemic foods.  High glycemic foods are foreign to body function and cause fungal issues that negatively impact the body.
  • B.  Eat foods that are low in Omega-6s and high in Omega-3s, seeking a 1:1 ratio.  This 1:1 balance between Omega-6s and Omega-3s is critical for a strong immune system.
  • C.  Eat nutrient dense foods, especially those that provide 100% of the nutrients needed for optimal body function.  Why eat foods that do not significantly contribute to the needs of the body?

Because we are living in an inflexible, Big Business- and consumer-driven society you'll rarely hear about the Paleo Diet much less what I call The Real Diet of Man.  That's because The Real Diet of Man is too simple, leaves no room for supplements, and ignores grain, grain-based foods, grain-fed livestock products, concocted foods, nuts and seeds, many fruits, sugar and refined high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates, all other high GI foods, and the drinking of milk and alcoholic beverages.  In other words, many "traditional" foods are left out!  Excluding traditional foods is taboo when it comes to marketing.  The public votes with their pocketbook and they demand traditional foods even if it kills them and Big Business can't do anything else but serve the public's demands.

The Real Diet of Man leaves the marketers of supplements, vitamins, fad diets, drugs, conventional medical solutions (drugs and operations), and nearly all foods and drinks little room to make money off their advice and products.  It even cuts out the educational system and various government entities because they are not structured for dramatic dietary change.

Most of our nation's food system rests on a grain-farming foundation.  Changing that will take decades.  That's why "official" nutritional advice suggests small changes such as eat whole grains versus milled grain and take supplements rather than wholesale changes in the food selections.  On the other hand The Real Diet of Man introduces relatively narrow food choices, new tastes, new cooking methods, and new eating habits that few consumers are actually willing to adapt no matter how sick they are from eating improper foods!  (The consumer gets what he wants and if he is not willing to change, then he cannot expect different results.)  Our nation's food system is way out of whack and virtually all of the food products sold in typical American grocery stores (Whole Foods is typical!), fast food joints, and convenience stores have no place in The Real Diet of Man.

Diet:  Simple and Basic

The Real Diet of Man is incredibly simple.  It does not involve calorie counting, fat measuring, and portion control.  There is no such thing as different foods for young people, pregnant women, middle aged people, and old people.  There's absolutely no variation for blood type, sex, skin color, hair color, tall people, short people, hard working people, couch potatoes, or one's location.  And the diet is the same for healthy people as it is for people burdened with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, asthma, allergies, obesity, mental disorders, and on and on.

Anthropologists tell us that about 60% to as much as 85% of early man's food was meat – and it was only grass-fed meat (meat from animals never fed grain).  Meat was followed by vegetables (for instance spinach, kale, collards, beet greens, romaine lettuce, etc. followed by broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc.).  Then, since they were seasonal, at times in very minor amounts there were some nuts and tart fruits (such as squash, berries, small apples, and the tiny wild fruits such as persimmons and wild plums we sometimes find when hiking in the woods).  Sure, at times man also lucked out and had some honey.  But that was real rare.

As for dairy, well modern man is the only beast on earth that figures he needs milk post weaning.  In fact, dairy is one of man's most recent agricultural inventions.  So all of this nonsense about drinking milk for strong bones and teeth is mythology.  It really does not matter if milk is raw or not.  It is flat out unnecessary post weaning.  To make matters worse, nearly all diary products available today are from grain-fed cows and goats.

Many so-called health experts are telling people to eat fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  Many of the veggies I will not dispute, but most of today's highly developed sweet fruits are sugar shots.  Orange juice and potatoes are perfect examples of sugar and refined high-glycemic-index (GI) carbohydrates.  Sugar and refined high-glycemic-index (GI) carbohydrates can power drive fungal infestations that can produce mycotoxin overloads.  (To learn more about mycotoxins check out our Science Links section.)  The eating of grain disrupts cell function, breaks down the immune system, and feeds fungi if one has a fungal infestation.  Virtually everyone today has some fungal contamination within their bodies because damaged immune systems open the door to fungal infestations.  So grains, of whatever kind, other food products loaded with Omega-6 fatty acids, and sugar and refined high-glycemic-index (GI) carbohydrates are taboo.

Also, the idea that wine, or beer, or booze of any kind is good for you is also a myth.  For starters alcohol is a mycotoxin and secondly it leaches DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) out of the brain.  DHA, the most abundant fat in the brain, is a major requirement for proper brain function.  Consequently, moderation is the only approach one can have with alcohol.

Get Exactly 100% of Your Nutrient Needs

As you can see the real diet of man (which focuses on the fundamental nutritional needs of man prior to his invention of agricultural pursuits) includes little if anything beyond grass-fed (wild) meats, wild caught seafood, veggies (greens and the immature flowers of vegetative plants) and in a very limited way some nuts and tart fruits.  Excluded foods are grains, grain-based foods, grain-fed livestock products, potatoes, sugar and refined high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates, all other high GI foods, even some fruits, all foods high in Omega-6 fatty acids, dairy products, and nearly all concocted foods especially those laced with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives such as partially hydrogenated oils.  All modern grocery stores, fast food joints, and convenience stores stock mostly excluded foods!  This is why so many people are suffering from chronic disease and at least 90% of them are overweight.  The food is literally killing them -- and THEY LOVE IT!

The Real Diet of Man is all that anyone requires for optimal health.  It is so fundamental that nutritional scientists, those who have studied it, tell us it provides exactly 100% of man's nutrient needs in perfect balance.  How could it not?  It's the nutritional profile man ate for several million years before he started farming and changing his foods.  Those early agricultural pursuits commenced only 10,000 years ago in a couple of regions and then slowly spread throughout the world.  In no way could man's body adapt to such an abrupt change in his food in just 10,000 years.  Consequently when one eats like the prehistoric Paleolithic Hunter Gatherer his diet will be so perfect he won't even want to take a vitamin pill or an Omega-3 supplement for fear of overdosing.  Yes, you can even overdose on Omega-3 fatty acids!

As you can see, the story regarding the proper diet for you, your family members, or any other person on Earth can be told in a few paragraphs.  And if people ate only The Real Diet of Man the incidences of chronic disease would probably plunge 90% or more.  That would devastate the medical community, the drug companies, health insurers, and marketers of fad diet books, supplements, vitamins, and exercise machines.  It would make Omabacare look even more like a farce.  The Real Diet of Man is so simple the caveman always got it right and he never even thought about it.  So, you should be able to do it too.  Right?  Well, I guess that depends on what kind of person you are.  Do you want change or the same old results?

For more about what is and is not food click on Best and Worst Foods and Food Nutritional Data.

Ted Slanker
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