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Here's a bull grazing grass in late fall, just after the first frost.  Yep, he's a Texan!

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About Us
Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats
Welcome one and all to my web site.  Starting back in late 1999 Slanker's Grass-fed Meats has been the meat marketing arm of my ranch where I raise grass-fed beef in the Red River Valley of northeast Texas.  The ranch also has some wild grass-fed pigs and a few grass-fed laying hens running around.  There's also some "grass-fed" dogs and cats.  Of course there are more wild creatures including a variety of wild cats, deer, and other varmints too numerous to mention.  There's even Sandra Slanker (my daughter) and her brother Ted out there keeping the operation going.
For years we've been raising beef the proper way, which is free-ranging on lush grasslands, without grain, foreign feeds, hormones implants, or antibiotics in the feed.  The most important aspect of this management approach is that the critters are not fed grain or other foreign feeds.  Most approaches can be called natural and free range, but when it comes to nutrition the only term that really counts is "grass-fed."
Our natural American grass-fed beef is from cattle that came off pastures and they were never fed grain or foreign feeds of any kind.  We never feed our livestock grain, grain "cubes," grain-based protein licks, cotton seed meal, soybean meal, brewers solubles, distillers solubles, or any of the other popular unnatural feeds that so many other producers can't seem to get along without.  Not only is grain taboo in our operation, but in most cases our cattle never get hay!  (Hay is not really a problem, we avoid feeding hay as part of our economic management approach.)  That makes our cattle really authentic grass-fed critters.
When you buy natural grass-fed beef make sure it is grass-fed.  Just because a label states the beef in the package is "free range," "natural," "organic," "lean," "heart friendly", "select," "choice," or "prime" that doesn't mean it's grass-fed.  For instance, the U.S. Department of Agriculture considers grain-fed beef to be a "natural" beef product.  So don't think for a minute that when you buy lean, heart-healthy, organic, free-range, or natural beef you are getting grass-fed.  In most cases "nice sounding" meat products are grain-fed, grain-supplemented, or grain-finished.  In the same vein, some producers think that if their cattle are on pasture and are fed "only a little" grain as a "supplementation" they still qualify for the grass-fed label.  In our book (the USDA's rule book is a little more lenient) their cattle are grain fed.  The same goes for all other livestock food products.
Touring the Web Site
Our Web site is extensive and multilayered.  Meat prices, ordering, and shipping information are located under the Ranch Meat Store and Online Meat Store headings.  Yes, there are two different stores and you can choose which one serves your needs best.  Both of them ship nationwide.  We strongly urge everyone to read the many essays and reports in the Nutrition Information section.  They provide excellent explanations of the peer-reviewed nutritional science that has revealed the importance of fatty acids and their impact on the function of every cell in our bodies.  The research also points to real foods rather than concocted foods for optimal health.  There's also essays describing the fundamental food for all animal life and how it relates to man's best balanced diet for proper health.
The very idea that grass-fed beef is a good eating experience and a healthier eating experience is rather new to "modern" Americans who know only of grain-fed meats.  So a lot of work will be needed over the next 50 years to reeducate the American consumer about proper nutrition and what is and what is not good, wholesome food.  That's why this web site has a Science Links section, which will amaze you when you check it out.  It will take you to other Web sites that have interesting research and essays regarding many aspects of food, fatty acids, health and well-being.  On some of the sites you can download actual peer reviewed research reports that have been published in major international professional journals.  There's no doubt that the "Omega-3 fatty acid thing" is for real.
But educating the public is only half of the problem.  Most of the livestock producers in North American do not have a clue about raising critters solely on grass.  They actually believe they must feed grain in order for their livestock to grow, to carry them through the winter, or to finish them prior to slaughter.  Those beliefs can change though.  But it will take years and health-conscience consumers will drive that change by voting with their dollars.
We raise and market breeding bulls from our registered herd of Polled Hereford cattle along with our grass-fed beef, which is produced primarily by our commercial cow herd.  Our management practices are quite unique since we raise our cattle on lush grasslands without supplementation, other than minerals and salt.  In fact, since 1998 we haven't even fed hay.  Our calves are 100% pasture raised.  And what makes this amazing is that there are only a small handful of producers in the country who can make that claim!

Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats ships meats to the following states:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia
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Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey
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Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina
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