Column #418         September 1, 2023Mug Shots King and Trump

As a legal doctrine aiding and abetting is related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets another person in the commission of a crime. “Someone who aids and abets a crime may provide support by giving advice, financial support, or by taking action not directly related to the crime itself, for the purpose of facilitating its success.”1

I don’t think criminality and corruption in our country has ever been so flagrant. It’s at all levels involving the most deranged, lowlife criminal on the bottom of the heap to the president of the United States. It also includes many millions of people between those two extremes. Even SGFM is a frequent victim of criminality, so we know that criminals abound.

It’s gotten so bad that decent people recognize it and are growing frustrated and demoralized at the same time. What’s also significant is that the decent people not only know who the criminals are, but they recognize those who are aiding and abetting the criminals. They see that crime exists at two levels and little is being done about it. Therefore they know they are victims of leadership and they are beginning to understand that they must become more proactive in creating change.

Crime starts with mafia don Biden and his son Hunter. They are both criminals and the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, and other agencies of the government are aiding and abetting their activities. But they have many more backers behind them. There are many participants in the main stream media, senators, judges, congressmen, bureaucrats, RINOs, teachers, famous personalities, and campaign donors who are also aiding and abetting the Bidens. That’s a lot of criminality undermining the United States of America.

But it's not just the Bidens who are criminals. When it comes to supporting the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and established law there are numerous government agency heads, their bureaucratic underlings, and even people in the policing agencies who are ignoring the laws of the land. This is why the borders are wide open, people are being subjected to censorship and incarceration without trial, and there are mandates involving the use of vaccines, masks, light bulbs, fans, gas stoves, portable gas generators, water heaters, and gas and diesel vehicles. Government interference in the marketplace has grown out of control trampling the rights of citizens.2

In many states district attorneys are ignoring laws and letting criminals off scot-free for a whole host of crimes from shop lifting to even murder. At the same time many DAs are refusing to equally enforce laws regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics. Instead “laws” are being “invented” and enforced based upon political affiliations as the Federal government promotes agendas that strive for equality of outcomes rather than provide equal opportunities.

As you can imagine, there are millions of people acting in their own their own self-interests by aiding and abetting the criminals. Yes, everyone who supports the perpetrators directly via supportive discussions, donations, volunteer work, wokeness, nonscientific gobbledegook, or who deliberately turn a blind eye to their shenanigans is aiding and abetting the criminality and the dissolution of the United States of America.

New leadership is required to change the nation’s propaganda-inspired stampede into criminality. For sure I’m not speaking about the Republican Party. It’s loaded with hypocrites—RINOs. In my view, there’s only one person capable of making a serious difference and he is not a perfect human being. But he is a man of action and he has been wounded by the criminality worse than any other American—and he still wants the job.

The regular folks who have God-given commonsense know the only man for the job is Trump. If you don’t listen to the MSM, the senators, judges, congressmen, bureaucrats, teachers, famous personalities, and campaign donors who say Trump is no good, but instead listen to the people who actually make our country function—you know that real Americans will not only support Trump, but they will follow him and back his play. This is an important movement if we are to save our country.

Another example of how important Trump is, and for full disclosure I admit that for decades I wasn’t much of a Trump fan, comes from Tucker Carlson’s recent interview of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In the interview, Viktor Orbán states flat out that the world needs Trump more than ever. The reason being is that currently America’s foreign policy leadership is a disaster for not only the USA, but for the entire world. His peacemaker of choice is Trump. So everyone who wants to put America and the world back on the right path has to join together and put aside petty differences and believe in “the man” for better or for worse. When they do, they will ruffle a lot of hoity toity feathers, but the outcome will be good for all of mankind.3

There are numerous Americans steeped in common sense who are protesting against the woke movements that are radicalizing so many gullible fools. Here’s a fellow who sees the criminality and is defiantly not wanting to aid and abet the status quo. You’ll have to excuse his language, but he certainly makes his POINT.

Many people believe that Big Government, the New World Order, and the Illuminati are composed of elitists who are enemies of the America people. They view these elitists as slave masters who want to “run the show” to their liking rather than for the benefit of the people. Their language might not be uptown, they might have other flaws too, but they also vote. Listen to this man’s COMMENT.

There are also folks who have had run-ins with the law who fully understand the criminality involved when our government goes after Trump with one indictment after another. They are voters too and they are speaking out. For instance THIS FELLOW. And THIS FELLOW.

There’s millions of just regular folks out there who are expressing themselves like never before because they don’t want to be accused of aiding and abiding the nation’s criminal element. In fact, they’re calling out those who support the status quo—the holier-than-thou members of the main stream media, senators, judges, congressmen, bureaucrats, teachers union members, people in the medical profession, campaign donors, RINOs, and all the many supporters of irrational, totally wacko wokeness that defies centuries of scientific knowhow. Once again, it’s not the appearance of the messenger nor his language that’s important here, it’s his logic that counts. Check THIS out.

Yes, being pro Trump is a movement for all the right reasons. So, which side are you on? Are you aiding and abetting the enemies of the people, or do you want to join the movement and actively get your hands dirty and get our country back on the right path? Evil members of the deep state will fight tooth and nail to preserve their power over you. Here’s Tucker Carlson speculating on just how destructively evil these people can be—look HERE.4

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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