A question from a customer resulted in my answer coming in from left field.

We are very much enjoying the buffalo steaks we ordered from you. They're disappearing fast.

At one time I had a chart indicating the calories and fat grams in grass-fed buffalo.  Every imaginable cut was on it. I swear I found it on your website, but I can't seem to locate it now. I've tried googling the information, but can't bring it up.  Can you tell me where to find it?

Why are you seeking that information?  That is like trying to define a car by looking only at tire size and square inches of back window.  Knowing about fat and calories doesn't even come close to providing all of the nutritional parameters.  The only people I know who require that type of information are those who do not eat The Real Diet of Man.  They eat all kinds of traditional stuff that in no way provides what human bodies require.  So they select a few parameters in nutritional basics and try to adjust with those in order to fix the problems that arise from the overall diet.

I know this doesn't answer your question directly. Rather my answer is intended to introduce a whole new way of viewing food.  All grass-fed meats, all of them no matter the species, are perfect foods for other animals.  That's because the foundation food for all animal life is the green leaf.  Therefore, if you ate nothing but grass-fed meats (doesn't matter if it's buffalo or beef or lamb or goat) you would get 100% of your body's nutrient needs in perfect balance.  It's the only food group that does it.  And you never need to measure.  You just eat and your body takes care of everything else naturally. (In other words, if you are grossly overweight, you'd eat your fill at every meal and in time your weight would plunge to normal!)

Man Is an Extension of the Leafy, Green Plant

True Health Stories

The info you seek will not be on my Web site. That's because it would only mislead people.  Worst of all, when people follow dietary guidelines of the grain-based foods and transfer it over to the real foods from the grass-fed world, their grain-fed rules actually encourage them to eat less of what their bodies need most.  We do have one article on our site that provides far more nutritional data on grass-fed meats.  When looking at it, figure that the nutrient profile of grass-fed beef is very similar to grass-fed buffalo.

Ted Slanker

Sunday, June 19, 2011