Grass-fed steaks taste delicious without any marinade or spices added before or even after they are grilled.


Boneless beef sirloin steak, thawed to room temperature


Set grill on lowest settings. The object is to warm up the steak.  Do not sear.  Depending on the grill, it may only take five minutes per side to warm up a steak to an internal temperature of 120 degrees. If the exterior of a steak reaches 160 degrees it is sterile inside and out. Grass-fed steaks cooked more than this will be dry and tough. When finished, grill marks should be at a minimum.  Let the steak sit for a three minutes or so to re-mobilize the juices.

When the steak is sliced it should be red and juicy on the inside. Take note that "rare" means exactly that. When sliced, the inside cut of a properly grilled steak will be the same color from top to bottom. If the profile of a steak cut appears to be cooked with the rare portion only in the center, then it is way overcooked for grass-fed meats.

Now it's ready to serve and eat. This is steak at its very best. Add any desired seasonings (The Stuff!; salt; pepper; or other special spice concoctions).

Pair the naked steak with a dressed salad such as the Broccoli Bacon Blueberry Salad or the Spinach Feta Salad. Yummy and good for you at the same time so eat up!