Column #271I Don't Care

The vast majority of Americans couldn’t care less about nutrition. They ignore the best solution for addressing how overweight they are, how many aches and pains they have, or if they have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia or any one or more of the 100-plus primary chronic diseases. It’s as if they believe their afflictions are normal. (I guess they’ve never seen hundred-year-old pictures of their ancestors.)

On the other hand I find it amazing how many people are terrified of COVID-19. Yet, in spite of their overwhelming fear of the virus, they still haven’t been inspired to seek better ways to protect themselves. They hear the standard recommendations (masks, social distancing, shutdowns, and vaccine) and figure that’s all they need to do or even can do. In that case, since the virus continues to spread like viruses always do, they are just hoping to hang on until there is a vaccine which will make it all good . . . but it won’t.

It’s highly likely that a COVID-19 vaccine will work like the flu vaccine in that it won’t be equally effective on all strains of COVID-19. It might be only 40% to 60% effective overall and those effectiveness levels may depend mostly on the strength of the patient’s immune system. Folks over 65 with multiple underlying medical conditions (weakened immune systems) are the most vulnerable, yet they may find the vaccine to be only 15% effective. On the other hand, it’s known that the younger generations have stronger immune systems so the vaccine works best on them. Yet, for the youngsters, the COVID-19 fatality rate is lower than the seasonal flu and usually their cases are asymptomatic. So kids are basically not at risk. (Note: The phrase “multiple underlying medical conditions” refers to chronic diseases which includes being overweight.)1

In order to live a long, healthy, vigorous life without drugs and operations all people need strong immune systems. So you’d think it would be common knowledge in professional medical circles that immune systems, which can be improved or destroyed by lifestyles and diet, should be protected. So why aren’t the powers that be (the CDC bureaucrats and the many thousands of medical doctors) pounding the table with suggestions that are far more effective in preserving lives than masks, social distancing, shutdowns, and a vaccine? Don’t they care about nutrition? Is that why so many of them are overweight and not all that healthy?

I’m sure many of my readers are fully tuned into nutrition and its importance in determining one’s overall health and resistance to disease. Not surprisingly, quite a few are more up to speed than I am. But that’s only “many” of the readers. There are thousands who buy grass-fed meats, Omega-3 meats, and wild-caught seafood for reasons other than better nutrition. They like the concept of appearing to eat healthy, being outside the box, or being humane and planet friendly. But they don’t follow through enough in all their food selections to make the big differences required for optimizing their immune systems.

Many of the reasons for not getting fully on board are habits, social norms, addictions, skepticism, beliefs in pseudoscience, traditions, religious convictions, articles in newspapers and magazines, and their medical doctor’s advice to name just a few. But overall this circles back to the medical field where I think, for the most part, our health system is failing us miserably.

Most medical doctors do not think holistically. That would require them to consider the whole person—body, mind, spirit, and emotions—in the quest for optimal health and wellness. Prescribing drugs and operations are often necessary for accident victims, poisonings, or viral and bacteria infections. But preventing or subduing chronic diseases goes way beyond the drugs and operations approach.

As Dale E. Bredesen, MD explains, only a “metabolical approach that addresses multiple modalities” will heal chronic conditions. That’s why he focuses on diet, supplements, sleep, exercise, and meditation. He says the drugs and operations approach focuses mostly on single pathways, and targeting one pathway can show change, but in human studies, these limited approaches do not work in curing the multifaceted underlying conditions. Does his approach work? I’ll say. Under his guidance Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is preventable and, yes, reversible!2 3

The same steps he takes with AD works on virtually every other chronic disease. That means it also works on the immune system. Basically, in addition to supplements, sleep, exercise, and meditation he uses a strict low-glycemic diet that provides nutrient diversity and density with balanced Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs).4

Yes, his dietary approach replicates the original diet of man. Grass-fed meats, Omega-3 meats, wild-caught seafood, the dark green leafy vegetables, and many other vegetables such as squashes and beans are some of the excellent selections. That’s right, he avoids the SAD. You know, the Standard American Diet. But it takes want to. Do you have the want to?5

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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