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Cooking Grass-Fed BBQ/CrockPot

Short Ribs are powerful flavored and perfect for barbecuing low and slow.  Often we cook these cuts in a covered pan in the oven or a crock pot at about 180ºF for six hours or so.  Leftovers may also be used for making beef soup or beef stew.

Briskets have long been a Barbecue favorite.  They can be marinated over night and then cooked low and slow the next day.  Once again 170-180ºF works wonders.  When served the meat should be sliced thinnly across the grain at an angle.  Briskets are also the cut of choice for making corned beef.  Simply put this means the brisket is pre-soaked in a salt-water brine for up to a week.  You may choose to add bay leaves, cloves, mace, peppercorns, garlic, allspice, and/or honey to the brine. After soaking, wash the meat thoroughly to remove the surface brine.  Then cook low and slow for at least five hours in a crock pot with a little fresh water, cabbage, onions, and herbs.  Serve hot or cold.