Livestock Management

live stock

For years we've been raising beef on lush grasslands, without grain, foreign feeds, hormone implants, or antibiotics in the feed.  Many approaches are called "natural" and "free range," but in pursuit of good nutrition, the only term that really counts is "grass-fed."   Our natural American grass-fed beef is from cattle that are born and raised on green pastureland from start to slaughter.  We do not feed our livestock grain, grain "cubes," grain-based protein licks, cotton seed meal, soybean meal, brewers solubles, distillers solubles, potatoes, or any of the other popular unnatural feeds that so many other meat producers can't seem to get along without.  Not only is grain taboo in our operation, but our cattle rarely even get hay!   Although from a nutrition standpoint hay is not really a problem but we try to avoid feeding hay as part of our low-cost management approach.  Our cattle are authentically grass-fed and grass-finished.

We also raise and market registered Polled Hereford breeding bulls along with our grass-fed beef, which is produced primarily by our commercial cow herd.

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