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How Folks Making New Resolutions Get Scammed

The “resolution” rush is upon us and health food and supplement folks are dusting off their slick posters, comfort words, and all too often, magical nonsense.

The first quarter of the year is an advertising heyday for radio, newspapers and magazines, television, Internet, and emails offering answers to new resolutions regarding weight loss and health. In the fray are both science-based professionals and marketing-motivated commentators. This makes it difficult for the average person to make an intelligent decision.

The Insane War on Grass-Fed Beef

It’s literally mind boggling.  The Veggie/PETA crowd and the conventional mythical wisdom nutritional/medical crowd have joined forces!  As usual most media/Internet outlets embrace their stories (without investigating the allegations) and are enthusiastically spreading their over 100-year-old myths far and wide.  The consequences of their combined misguided efforts will be an acceleration of chronic disease, misery, and suffering for billions of people worldwide along with accelerating the pace of global warming and desertification of the planet.

Obamacare and Grass-Fed Meats

What kind of message does universal healthcare send to most Americans?  Yes, it is a government crafted message that will influence the actions of healthcare providers while also impacting the diets, exercise regimens, and healthcare decisions of millions of people even if they are independent thinkers.  What is that message?

John Robbins is a Nut Case

Recently a first-page Google search for “grass fed beef” provided a listing for a John Robbins blog.  Obviously, a lot of folks are reading his blog and for sure it directly impacts us.  One might assume his comments would be a good thing for grass-fed beef, ranchers and farmers, and the American consumer.  But, hold on there partner, that is not the case.  John’s commentary slides around between facts, myths, religious beliefs, and outright distortions.

Financial Health

Many Americans are off the deep end in many ways.   Compared to bygone times morals, family values, health, nutrition, social and political values, education in the three "Rs" and science and history, fundamental wisdom, and the finances of too many citizens have deteriorated.  As a consequence for too many people their quality of life is not the same as it once was.

Food Inc. Review

The movie starts with heart-warming scenes of an aerial view of beautiful crop lands, a man baling straw with old equipment, a man on horseback herding cattle on a mountain range, and a nifty red barn, its white-rail fences, surrounding green pastures, and fluffy white clouds floating by in the sky.  Then as a mysterious voice drones on, the camera backs away and the scenes turn out to be posters in a supermarket.