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Fitness and Health

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Understanding and implementing the actual requirements for optimizing your health is not just a flip-a-switch thing.  Sure, some folks can do it.  But they are a minority.  Most folks need coaching to make the required changes in their lifestyles that make a difference in their health.  For this reason Slanker Grass Fed Meat has teamed up with Erin Finch.

The Roll of Fitness in Health

Strength and a good looking physic should not come at the cost of good health.  But all too often that is the case.  In order to compensate for the damaging impact the grain-based food system has on body function, many athletes are deep into food measuring, pills, and supplements.  They are also into lots of exercise rather than quality of exercise.  In effect, they are following Frankenstein's lead in an attempt to create the perfect body.