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Fundamentals of Nutrition

Too Smart for Our Own Britches

Is it possible that we're so smart we're actually quite ignorant?  Do our beliefs about our nation's wealth mask the reality of its indebtedness?  Do our beliefs about our freedom mask the degree of our servility to Big Government and Big Business?  Does our smugness regarding the integrity of our country's currency mask the reality of its history of debasement?  Does the posturing and statements of our leaders mask their record of lies?

It All Began in the Sea . . .

Man invented grain farming about 10,000 years ago.  Life became easier and the world’s population grew rapidly.  Grain became the “staff of life.”  Over time, grain-farming techniques improved.  In the past 200 years grain production soared due to improved plant varieties, fertilization, pesticides, mechanization, and government subsidies.

The Real Diet of Man

"I am a huge fan of The Real Diet of Man; eating this way has completely changed my life!" Nancy in Ohio

There is no better "diet" for losing weight, building the immune system, gaining strength, and for improving and maintaining health than The Real Diet of Man.  That is an absolute, unequivocal scientific fact.  It works for everyone and all they have to do is eat!  If you are overweight and dine only on foods that replicate the nutritional profile man had prior to the invention of grain farming, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.  Interestingly, many other chronic diseases are also arrested and in some cases eliminated with The Real Diet of Man.  (Read True Health Stories.)  And, if you are in competitive sports, The Real Diet of Man will increase your strength and stamina.  It only makes sense if you think about it!  So download your copy of The Real Diet of Man and read on.