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General Information

Grass-Fed Beef Benefits

What are the benefits of grass-fed beef?

This is a hotly debated topic not only within the cattle industry, but also among nutritionists, healthcare providers, animal rights activists, and environmentalists. As in many debates about the raising and processing of food, environmental consequences, nutrition, and the impact of diet on health and disease, the various positions taken are based on beliefs, feelings, traditions, and science.

National Disgrace

Except for poultry which must be protected, Slanker's critters are NOT raised in feedlots and buildings; they are always raised outside on grass.  The reason we keep them on grass is to make sure the critters we raise will always make a perfectly nutritious meal.  Since the foundation food for all animal life is the green leaf, the most destructive aspect of the feedlot business is that its primary foodstuff is grain!