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Landmark Nutrition Studies

Health Consequences of an Exclusive Prolonged Meat Diet

Twice in one June 2015 week I (Ted Slanker) was confronted and ridiculed for saying man can live exclusively on grass-fed meat.  One rebuttal came from a grain-fed beef production scientist who said she preferred science to my hyperbole yet she didn't offer a scientific rebuttal.  The other came from a 30-year veteran nutritionist who called my statement "promotion" and said flat out that “Man cannot live by grass-fed beef alone.”  In my opinion what these people don't know about anthropology and the nutritional attributes of grass-fed animals would fill volumes of scientific literature.

World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics

Volumes in this series consist of exceptionally thorough reviews on topics selected as either fundamental to improved understanding of human and animal nutrition, useful in resolving present controversies, or relevant to problems of social and preventive medicine that depend for their solution on progress in nutrition.  Many of the individual articles have been judged as among the most comprehensive reviews ever published on the given topic.