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Omega-3 Chicken Mince Pet Treat

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Omega-3 Chicken Mince Pet Treat
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Omega-3 Chicken Mince is made by course grinding Omega-3 chicken frames (carcasses). Our estimate is that it's about 20% tiny bits of soft bones and 80% meat, fat, cartilage, marrow, and skin. It feels like moist ground meat with tiny bits of chewable bone mixed in. This tasty mix is high in protein and healthy fats from marrow, chicken skin, and some added grass-fed beef fat to firm it up a little. It's a nutritious and tasty addition to your dog or cat's regular diet.

Omega-3 Chicken Mince contains high levels of Omega-3 essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and coat. The ground-up bone provides a natural supply of calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, phosphorus, and bone building minerals for bone and joint support--making this product important for puppies, kittens, and older animals with joint issues. Mince has a high moisture content although the added grass-fed beef fat has firmed it up a little. Its Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fat ratio is 1.5:1.

Chicken mince is easy to eat and a nice addition to the grass-fed beef for a treat.