Bronze Turkey Breast Small

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Package Weight: 4.50 lbs Price Per Pound: $13.49 Available Quantity: 12

Bronze Turkey Breasts are the nation’s ultimate for nutrition and flavor. Humanely raised with no antibiotics on a non-GMO vegetarian diet.

Please call the office if interested in other sizes weighing 5.4 lbs or 6.35 lbs.

Koch's turkey is lean yet tender, nutritious, and very flavorful. In addition to being a really good protein source, Koch's turkey is rich in B vitamins, folate, biotin, choline, and selenium. Other minerals present in significant quantities include phosphorus and iron.

Koch's turkeys have never been given antibiotics or growth promotants and are completely DRUG-FREE. They ate an all-natural non-GMO vegetarian diet. All turkeys are raised with traditional values standard of the farm's Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage: CERTIFIED HUMANE®.

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