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October 2005 after the first frost and summer grasses had turned brown.  The growth of winter grasses was delayed by the drought.

Meat Industry Abuses

Whenever people are involved in anything, there will always be abuse.  That's because a small percentage of people are flat out evil.  Sometimes they are evil because they have been given unlimited power by an evil force -- think government.  In agriculture, far an away there are really great people doing the very best they can for their livestock, their land, their families, and the many millions of people they feed.  Just think about it, their incomes and profitability are dependent on it.  This is true at every level from production through processing.  To blame the majority for the acts of a few is not rational.  This is true for any profession except maybe politicians.  (That was intended to be humorous.)  So here we try to present both sides of the story.

Animal Abuse

Below on this page is the "meat" of the story as presented by Katharine Mieszkowski.  I found her article on this Web site.  For the full story she wrote you can click on this link.

Extreme Acts of Animal Cruelty

The Humane Society investigator who spurred the biggest beef recall  in U.S. history speaks to Salon about his alarming undercover video.

By Katharine Mieszkowski

Illinois Horse Slaughter Plant Remains Open

UNITED STATES: U.S. District Court judge allows horse slaughter plant to temporarily slaughter horses while lawsuit is underway.

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) denounces a decision made on Friday, June 1, by the Honorable Frederick Kapala of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to allow a horse slaughter plant to temporarily evade prosecution under a newly-enacted Illinois law banning the slaughter of horses in the state for human consumption.

PETA Ad Cleared in United Kingdom

UNITED KINGDOM: Advertising Standards Authority ruling on anti-meat campaign condemned as "wrong and perverse."

An advertisement by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that showed a photograph of an overweight child eating a burger and stated, “Feeding kids meat is child abuse FIGHT THE FAT GO VEG,” has been cleared by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

Worker Abuse

WORKER ABUSE ALLEGED - The meat processing industry counters claims that it mistreats and neglects employees.

The New York City, New York-headquartered Human Rights Watch claimed that workers in U.S. meat and poultry processing plants are exposed to dangerous conditions, suffer debilitating injuries, fear being fired, and don’t receive all of the compensation to which they are entitled.