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October 2005 after the first frost and summer grasses had turned brown.  The growth of winter grasses was delayed by the drought.

Meat Industry News

This subcategory contains general news articles that have resonated with the public or are significant events of note.

Whole Foods to Source Slow-Growing Chickens

Whole Foods is making news. It will become the first major food business in the country to support a commitment to slower-growing breeds and better living conditions for chickens by 2024. But is this real?

Here is the full story from Compassion in World Farming. The point of the story is:

How Government Programs Hurt Small Producers

Release No. 0183.14   Contact: Jay Fletcher (202) 690-0498

USDA Announces $25 Million for Agricultural Entrepreneurs

to Turn Commodities into Value-Added Products

Funding Supports Local and Regional Food Systems, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Pink Slime

PINK SLIME -  Are concerns for Pink Slime based on nutritional deficiencies?  Is there a food safety issue?  If it's not a nutritional issue or a food safety issue, then what is the problem?  Shall we examine the facts?

Tyson Bans Trans Fatty Acids

PROBLEM FAT REMOVED -  Tyson completes the removal of unhealthy trans-fatty acids from its processed meat products.

Springdale, Arkansas-headquartered meat processor Tyson Foods has completed the process of removing trans-fatty acids from its fully cooked breaded poultry retail and "child nutrition" school foodservice products.

"Laura's Lean" Steaks Fattier Than Labeled

Many people land on this Web page because they are wondering if Laura's Lean Beef is grass-fed.  Her main line of "Natural" meats have never been grass-fed.  They are grain-fed just like Tyson's "select grade" meats that you can buy at Wal Mart.  "Natural," "organic," "free range," "heart friendly," "lean," and terms like those mean nothing when it comes to nutrition.