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October 2005 after the first frost and summer grasses had turned brown.  The growth of winter grasses was delayed by the drought.


These articles address nutrition issues. There are many myths in this arena and from time to time we deal with whatever one may be in the news. Our approach to nutrition is based on The Real Diet of Man.  Our approach to food is the basic chemistry of each food item as found in the Food Analysis tables in that eBook. One of the huge failings in all the recommendations for nutritional foods in what most people read and hear is the reckless use of words that have no meaning.  Words such as "organic," "natural," and other such terms do not mean better nutrition or improved food safety. In fact, they take the consumer's eye off the ball which is food chemistry. The fundamental chemistry of the foods people eat has the greatest impact on their health and well-being. Nutritional scientists focus on food chemistry when they are doing nutritional studies. They do not refer to labels such as organic, GMO and nonGmo, or natural or local, small farm, etc.  That's because the chemistry of food has a huge impact on a body while the labels do not.

Dash Diet Review

Well, it’s official so it must be true.  On January 4, 2012 the Los Angeles Times reported that:

The DASH diet took the No. 1 spot in best overall diet in the U.S. News and World Report's Best Diets 2012, which also rates other popular diets in various categories.

Calories & Fat Grams in Buffalo

A question from a customer resulted in my answer coming in from left field.

We are very much enjoying the buffalo steaks we ordered from you. They're disappearing fast.

At one time I had a chart indicating the calories and fat grams in grass-fed buffalo.  Every imaginable cut was on it. I swear I found it on your website, but I can't seem to locate it now. I've tried googling the information, but can't bring it up.  Can you tell me where to find it?

A Conversation That Led to a Bowel Movement

Hello, big fan of your blog. It taught me a lot about the Paleo diet and how grains are bad.  However I need to know one thing, I don't usually eat a lot of meat, only one serving a day, mainly because I'm trying not to go over my protein intake limit. Therefore I eat plenty of legumes as well, such as Kidney Beans, and Garbanzo Beans. Are they also bad? I heard great things about Garbanzo Beans, but like the market hype about grains, info on Garbanzos may also be false.  Regards N

Return of the Skeptic

Ted:   Who the hell is Artemus?  No argument that we need it for good health.  There is general agreement in medical and scientific circles.

Dear Skeptic:

She just happens to be the world's leading authority of Omega-3 fatty acids.  She did much of the foundation work and most researchers are either in awe of her work or are so far back behind her that they still don't understand what it's all about.  She is recognized the world over.

A Letter from a Skeptic

Ted, on further research, a minuscule amount of omega 3 fatty acids are present in beef brain tissue.  The top of the list is flax seed (a grain) followed by nuts and seafood - fish - mollusks.  Wild caught salmon is very high with about one fifth of the amount in flax seed.  The studies I have read use a 200 calorie standard as the base.

You are correct, of course, that Wikipedia is a very shallow source of information.  It does rank head and shoulders better than uninformed opinion however.

Dear Skeptic: