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Omega-3 White Turkey 11 - 12 lbs

Omega-3 White Turkey 11 - 12 lbs Product Image
Omega-3 White Turkey 11 - 12 lbs
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Slanker Select Omega-3 Turkeys have Omega-6 to Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) ratios of 2:1. This is crucial since increased incidences of chronic diseases are associated with EFA ratios above 4:1. Premium holiday turkeys usually have ratios between 8:1 to 15:1 which is why our turkeys are so special. Omega-3 Turkeys are also more nutrient dense and diverse than others. Without question our turkeys are far and away the healthiest turkeys you can buy.

The weight of the turkey shipped to you will be within the indicated weight range and may or may not be the exact weight shown. Prices are based on the average of the weight range. In the 11-12 pound range, the price is based on 11.5 pounds. The turkey you receive may weigh slightly more or less than 11.5 pounds.

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