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Chicken Family Value Pack

Chicken Family Value Pack Product Image
Chicken Family Value Pack
Package Weight

Value Product!

This product is eligible for additional discounts. The CFVP is a selection of chicken products.

The Chicken Family Value Pack:

  • One  pack Omega-3 Whole or Cut-up Fryer (about 3.5 pounds)
  • One Pack Omega-3 Skin-On Breast (about 1.5 pounds).
  • Two Pack Omega-3 Skinless Breast (about 3 pounds)
  • Two pack Omega-3 Boneless Chicken Tenders (about 1.5 pound).
  • Two packs Omega-3 Chicken Bone-In Thighs (about 3 pounds).
  • Two packs Omega-3 Chicken Drumsticks (about 3 pounds).
  • Two packs Omega-3 Chicken Wings (about 3 pounds).
  • One pack Omega-3 Ground Chicken (about 1 pound).
  • One pack Omega-3 Chicken Breakfast Sausage Links (about 1 pound).
Physical Weight: 
21 lb