Family Sampler Value Pack

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Package Weight: 30.00 lbs Available Quantity: 4

This product is eligible for additional discounts. The FSP is a selection of beef, chicken, buffalo, and pork meats with cooking oil and seasoning. Click image for details.

Family Sampler Value Pack:

  • Two 2 packs or 4 single packs of Rib Eye Steaks (about 2.7 pounds).
  • Two 2 packs or 4 single packs of N.Y. Strip Steaks or top sirloin steaks (about 2.3 pounds).
  • One Pack of Beef Minute/Cube Steaks (about 1.1 pound).
  • One Sirloin-Tip, Rump, or Top Round Boneless Roast (about 3.25 pounds).
  • One Beef Arm Roast or One Boneless Chuck RoastĀ  (about 3 to 4 pounds).
  • One pack of 2-Pound Lean Ground Beef (about 2 pounds).
  • Three packs of 1-Pound Lean Ground Beef (about 3 pounds).
  • One pack of Lean quarter pound Ground Beef Patties (about 1 pound) or Three hefty one-third lb Ground Beef Low-Fat Patties (about 1 pound)
  • One pack of Mild Beef Breakfast Sausage (about 1 pound).
  • One pack of Boneless Short Ribs (about 2 pounds).
  • Two packs of 1-Pound Ground Buffalo (about 2 pounds).
  • Two packs Omega-3 Chicken Drumsticks or Boneless Chicken TendersĀ  (1 1/2 - 3 pounds).
  • One pack Omega-3 Chicken Breakfast Sausage links or bulk (about 1 pound).
  • One pack Smoked Beef Bacon or 2 Beef Summer Sausages (about 1 pound).
  • One 12.7 oz bottle of Macadamia Nut Cooking Oil.
  • One shaker of The Stuff! a Zydeco All Purpose Seasoning.