Ground Beef High Fat Quarter-Pound Patties

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Package Weight: 0.98 lbs Price Per Pound: $10.79 Available Quantity: 84

Four quarter pound 22% fat grass-fed patties per pack.


Pack of quarter pound patties. Ground beef is made generally from lean meat and trimmings from round, chuck, loin, flank, neck, or shank. This is our more nutritious high-fat mix with 22% fat. The patties are mechanically ground and pressed into shape. Ground beef patties are usually prepared by pan frying or grilling. U.S. raised grass-fed beef.

Lean meat is 75% water. Fat is only 10% water. Bone is 22% water. In 100g of grass-fed 78/22 ground beef there is about 16.57g protein and 22g fat for a protein/fat ratio of 43%/57%.