50/50 Ground Beef

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Small pack of high-fat-added grass-fed ground beef, at about 50% lean 50% fat for ketogenic dieters.


Small pack of high-fat-added grass-fed ground beef, equipping you to make the juiciest, tastiest, healthiest burgers around!  About a 50% grass-fed lean beef mixed with 50% grass-fed beef fat makes this burger "Keto friendly," especially made for those on a ketogenic diet. Here is an excellent tip for keeping your burger as juicy as possible while allowing it to cook evenly. Shape your burger with a big thumb depression in the middle. Be careful not to overcook and extract too much moisture.

Save any of that perfect cooking beef fat for frying your eggs in the morning, sauteing veggies, or pan frying your other lean meats.

Lean meat is 75% water. Fat is only 10% water. Bone is 22% water. A 50/50 mix of 100g of grass-fed ground beef has about 8.65g of protein and 50g of fat for a protein/fat ratio of 15%/85%.