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A young cow raising her first calf on grass the way God intended.
Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats
     Raising cattle (and all domestic livestock) on grasslands is the Natural Way.  Cattle do not eat grain naturally.  They eat mostly grass and browse.  Therefore their bodies function best, in other words, they are healthier when they are "grassfed."
     For millions of years man ate vegetables, some fruit and nuts, fish, fowl (and eggs), and lots of meat.  (This diet is often referred to as the Paleo diet, Hunter Gatherer diet, or Cavemen diet.)  The animals he ate were nourished by grass or smaller animals and insects that ate grass.  Grain did not enter his diet until after he invented grain farming about 8,000 to 10,000 years ago depending on where he lived.  (Some hunter gatherer tribes were converted to grain farming in the 20th century!)
     Man's natural nutritional requirements did not change with the invention of grain farming.  That's why proper human nutrition still calls for a "Stone Age" diet of mostly green leafy vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs, fish, and lots of meat.  But if the production of livestock food products are not based on grass, their chemical makeup (fatty-acid complex, vitamin and mineral components) will not contribute to a healthy eating experience.  And here's why.
     Man's recent reliance on grain (corn oil and most cooking oils, high fructose corn syrup, grain-feeding of livestock, etc.) is the reason why modern health problems are multiplying.
     Scientists are discovering that heart disease, cancer, arthritis, attention deficit syndrome, diabetes, and the list of ailments goes on and on, are due in large part to an imbalance of the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.  This imbalance has created a nutritional deficiency of the essential Omega-3 fatty acid.  That deficiency will result in bodies failing over time.
     Omega-6 fatty acids are found primarily in grain.  Omega-3 fatty acids come primarily from green leafy plants and some nuts.
     This is why we emphasize the importance of our American grass-fed meats of all kinds.  It's not only better for us, it's better for the critters, and it's better for the environment.  It is the classic win-win situation.

Grass-Fed Meats
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Grassfed is best!

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       All of our cattle, lambs, goats, pigs, and bison/buffalo graze all natural grasslands.  During "emergency situations" (deep snow, etc.) they may be fed grass hay, alfalfa hay, alfalfa cubes, or clover hay (all natural green leafy plant material).  No strange feeds such as "starch-free" plant proteins, grains, cottonseed meal, and what-have-you are allowed.

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        There is no sales tax on food from Texas.  If you live in a state that has a sales tax on food, ordering from us creates an automatic savings!  (1) Seven states tax groceries at lower rates than other goods; they are Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.  (2) Five states — Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota — tax groceries fully but offer credits or rebates offsetting some of the taxes paid on food by some portions of the population.  These credits or rebates usually are set at a flat amount per family member.  The amounts and eligibility rules vary, but may be too narrow and/or insufficient to give eligible households full relief from sales taxes paid on food purchases.  (3) Two states continue to apply their sales tax fully to food purchased for home consumption without providing any offsetting relief for low- and moderate-income families.  They are Alabama and Mississippi.
       Local governments, which in many states levy their own sales taxes, usually exempt food if food is fully exempt at the state level.  Major exceptions include localities in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Grocery food purchases in those states are fully or partially exempt at the state level, but typically taxed at the local level.
       State tax information has been provided by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

       SGFM publishes an E-Mail Newsletter that has controversial commentary (that's a fact so no weak knees allowed), product information, service updates, recipes, and nutrition tips.

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       Our Web site starts with a brief explanation of the multifaceted nutritional advantages of natural 100% grass-fed beef, but we also market additional grass-fed meats.
       The differences between grain-fed and grass-fed livestock products are universal.  Therefore, the story behind beef is very similar to the other livestock products.  In other words, pastured chicken is far better nutritionally for you than grain-fed chicken.  If we had 100% grass-fed chicken it would be on a par with natural 100% grass-fed beef.  Therefore natural 100% grass-fed beef and other grass-fed meats are far better for you than pastured chicken and farm-raised fish!  Livestock products that are simply labeled "organic," "lean," "natural," "heritage," and "free range" aren't even in the running.  In fact, organic beef never means "better nutritionally" nor greater safety.  See Contaminants in Beef.

       We have a broad selection of natural 100% grass-fed meats:  Beef, Lamb, Goat, Pork, Bison/Buffalo, Salmon, Halibut, and King Crab.  We also carry grass-fed butter, a variety of grass-fed cheeses, and pastured poultry.  Also check out our no-grain condiment page.  Why is "no grain" important?  See Omega-3 Essays.

       Make no mistake about it.  Some offers of grass-fed meats on the Internet and elsewhere are PHONY.  Many producers (some are very popular) of so-called grass-fed meat products, even small outfits, feed grain, brewers and distillers solubles, cottonseed and soybean meal, and other strange feeds not associated with the green leaf in order to "finish" their critters prior to harvest.  Some actually put their beef cattle in "finishing lots" where they are fed non-green leafy feeds -- mostly the aforementioned brewers and distillers solubles.  Then they brag about the flavor of the meat, the tenderness, and the marbling -- just like the marketers of conventional grain-fed feedlot beef.
     They may call their meats grass-fed because the critters were on grass prior to or while even being fed grain or other feeds.  But in our book, feeding even some grain or non-green-leafy-based feeds prior to harvest means the critters are not grass-fed.  This feeding of foreign feeds (even for periods as short as 60 days before processing) is why these outfits brag up about how "delicious" their meats are and that they guarantee tenderness.  Others say their meats are gourmet meats with lots of marbling.  On the other hand all we can say is that our meats are simply grass-fed.  Usually our meats have very little marbling and are loaded with the grass-fed flavor that changes throughout the growing season.  And not always are our meats the most tender.  But that too varies.  Therefore the real grass-fed business is not a perfect world.
       Many consumers compound the grass-fed identification problem by confusing "natural" grain-fed outfits as being grass-fed.  Some of the natural beef marketers that come to mind in that category are Blackwing, Niman Ranch, Laura's Lean, Nolan Ryan's, Oregon Country, Coleman, Painted Hills, Montana Range, Creekstone, Prather, and Dakota Beef to name just a few.  In all cases these "natural" folks market feedlot beef that comes from cattle fed grain and other foreign feeds.
       Here at Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats, when we say "grass-fed" we mean:


       We may be redundant here, but we want to emphasize to everyone that terms such as "natural," "organic," "free range," "heritage," "wild game," "certified," "prime," "lean," heart friendly," "low carb," and "low fat" do not mean "grass-fed."  Nor do any one of those terms refer to superior nutritional characteristics.  Many marketers of "wild game" feed grain.  Most Bison/Buffalo producers feed grain.  Even health food type stores, such as Whole Foods, and others, all to often do not understand the differences between grain-fed and grass-fed.  And when they do happen to market grass-fed meats frequently they do not buy American!
       All too often we see that they import their grass-fed meat products from New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere from around the world.  So how "fresh" is that "fresh meat" they sell.  New Zealand meats come by ship and sometimes it can take up to six weeks from processing the critter to delivering the meat to the customer's refrigerator!  Our American raised and processed meats are flash frozen after aging to preserve freshness at the nine-day point until you thaw them out.  Now that is FRESH and it's American!  So, as always, if you want "grass-fed" investigate before you invest.
       As for the nutritional qualities of our grass-fed meats -- well, they're perfect.  Grass-fed meats are the way meats were for all of time.  Their nutritional profiles are so complete, there is nothing to compare them against.  In other words, grass-fed meats are the standard for nutritonal perfection.  For instance, in terms of fat balance they are absolutely perfect for optimal body function.  Check out the fatty acid analysis of one of our beef cuts posted on this Web site under Fatty Acid Analysis.

100% Grass-Fed Natural Beef
 Nutritional Analysis
       Slanker's 100% grass-fed natural beef is a positive step back in time because it gives consumers the old-fashioned flavor and natural nutritional advantages of real beef.  Better flavor makes dining more enjoyable.  Better nutrition improves health and fitness, which increases self esteem, peace of mind, and long term security.
       Sometimes folks ask for a nutritional analysis of grass-fed meats.  Well, a complete analysis would be so extensive it would be beyond the known needs of animal life!  Since we know the green leaf is the foundation food for all animal life, the nutrients in grass-fed meats and their relative balance are down the centerline for the nutrient requirements our human bodies require -- no more no less.  There is no other food that compares to the nutritional perfection of meat from a grass-fed critter.  Therefore, grass-fed meats are a nutrient standard.
       It wasn't until after man started eating grain, grain-based foods, and grain-fed livestock did he start to worry about the nutritional analysis of his anemic foods.  That's when he discovered he had to also invent nutritional supplements.  Grass-fed meats are not anemic.  Consequently one just eats them like man did prior to inventing grain farming and the concocting of foods.  Therefore we do not worry about measuring.  We just eat.  (See The Real Diet of Man is Very Simple.)
       Check out the abbreviated nutritional ledger below.  Note how grain-feeding drastically lowers vitamin levels and skews fatty acid profiles in just this short list of selected nutrients.  If grain does that to cattle, it also does that to people.

Quattro Pro X4 Notebook

       With 100% grass-fed beef consumers are rediscovering the real meaty flavor beef always had prior to the “invention” of the feedlot.  With 50% less saturated fat grass-fed beef does not feel greasy because it isn't greasy.  Nor does grass-fed beef leave a pasty tasting, greasy feeling in your mouth when you eat it.
       Nutritional scientists report that by switching to grass-fed beef you will lose weight, have a healthier heart, reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and allergies, improve mental clarity, and more.
       These health claims sound almost too good to be true, yet the scientific evidence is overwhelming.  The reasons involve fundamental nutritional differences.  Compared to grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef has higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), more Beta Carotene, more Omega 3 fatty acids, more Vitamins A and E, and lower levels of saturated fats.
       These attributes and nutrients are essential for good health.  Americans must start paying attention to their nutrient intake and reduce their consumption of saturated fats, trans-fatty acids (partially hydrogenated oils), grain-filled processed food products, and grain-fed livestock products.  If they don't, health and health care costs will remain their number one concern.
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       An additional note:  100% Grass-Fed Beef from Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats does not, repeat, does not, come from cattle that have been implanted with artificial hormones or fed subtherapeutic levels of antibiotics.  Those practices are totally unnecessary in the production of grassfed cattle on grass.  Although, we might add, many producers do it.  Neither do we inject our meats with solutions and chemicals to hold those solutions.  Many meat processors do that.  This is why it's so important to know who raises the food you put in your body.

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