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Smoked Beef Bacon

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Smoked Beef Bacon
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Smoked but not cured. No sugar and no nitrates or nitrites added except for that found in celery juice powder or sea salt.Our beef bacon has become a well sought after product. Beef bacon, made from the beef plate, is injected with a sea salt solution then hickory smoked to 140 degrees internal temperature. Ingredients:  Beef plate meat, water, sea salt, celery juice powder(celery powder, sea salt).  U.S. raised grass-fed beef.

I eat it every morning. Because of the nature of beef bacon, the slicer does not always slice it uniformly. Some slices may be too thick while others are too thin. Then there is a batch that's just right. I've learned that it's best to stack the slices up on my plate and cut them crosswise in one-inch stripes with a steak knife. Then it's no issue eating the tasty pieces of beef bacon. I never cook them so much they are crisp. That takes too long and it's like burning the meat when that happens. Plus I want as much fat as possible on my bacon. Ted Slanker

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