In spite of our negative rants about the medical profession, just like in the general population there are some medical professionals who are really tuned into what is and what is not proper food.  Some of these doctors are as fanatical about food as Ted and Linda.  Now that's fanatical.  :-)

Doctor Likes How We "Spread the Word"

We just enjoyed our first cut of beef from your ranch.  They were rib-eyes and they were delicious.  The steaks were juicy and grilled easily.  The best part is, you are eating beef that is good for you.  My sons and wife enjoyed them also . . . and they are very meticulous and snobby about their steaks!

A Medical Doctor with a Focus on Nutrition

There are very few medical doctors in the United States who focus on the science of nutrition and Grass-Fed Meats as a primary approach to healing.  One of the best is David Holland, M.D.  He is with Concentra at the East El Paso location.  Dr.