Chefs really have it rough.  If they want to stay in business they must prepare many dishes which people demand to eat, but all too often those very foods contribute to the epidemic of chronic disease that is burying Americans under ground and in debt at the same time.  Some chefs are really trying hard to "push" really wholesome food.  To all these chefs we salute.  Every time a chef recommends grass-fed meats that's one more tiny step in the right direction.

The Best Steak Ever

I got my shipment of the family sampler today.  Thank you.  BTW, as I unloaded the box into the freezer I noticed one of the rib eyes was partially thawed.  Kept eyeing it and eyeing it.  Finally I opened it and cut off a chunk and threw it on a cast iron skillet.

A Chef Provides His Viewpoint

I recently purchased your sampler beef package.  To start, I'm a second generation chef, I've been working in kitchens since I was 9.  This is the first time in a long time that I've been surprised by a product.  Your beef has convinced me that a good steak still exists somewhere.

Even the stock I made for stew tastes better then anything I've ever made.  I compared the prices that I paid to my local store, and even with shipping the prices are comparable.  There are many different products to work with in the package, and all of them are good.