Shopping Directions

  • Always remember to check the Specials page.
  • Discounts are earned when the cart totals at least 21 pounds and at least $100.00. 
  • There are two primary discount programs.  Please learn how they work and take advantage of them both.
  • The "Your Order" box in the left side bar automatically provides weight and pre-discount dollar totals as you shop.
  • Each time a product is placed in your cart, a popup box provides total weight and total pre-discount cost.
  • Our minimum order is 8 pounds which you may "mix or match" among all products. 
  • The total amount of the order must be at least $100.
  • There is a small order handling fee of $15 from 8 to 11.99 lb and $10 from 12 to 19.99 lb.
  • If you prefer personal connections, we invite you to call in your orders.  We are real people too.
  • Local customers who pick up their orders are exempt from purchase minimums and shipping restrictions.

Please learn how our discount structure works.  It represents significant savings.

For more details about our meats, how critters are raised, cuts packaged, etc. please go here.

The quickest way get answers to your questions is to use our powerful website search engines. Or you may contact us with a conventional e-mail message, call our local line 903-732-GOLD (4653) or call our toll-free telephone number: 866-SLANKER (752-6537). When you contact us, you'll be communicating with a real human being (usually Carolyn, Logan, Angela, or Betty). Naturally we want to make your purchasing experience a satisfying one. If you call and the old fashion answering machine answers, PLEASE leave a message and we will call you back.

It is impossible for the online store to get indicated weights for each cut to match exactly with the actual meat products. When the order is processed, the weights for the individual cuts you have selected will be very close to the indicated weights.  When your order is shipped, we guarantee that the total value of your order will be equal to or greater than the value on your invoice. This means that you always receive 100% or more of full value every time you order.

We have over 400 different meat offerings plus a variety of other fine products. At times we can even provide special meat cuts such as thicker cuts, specialty roasts, or other requests. On the other hand, since the grass-fed meat business is still a "Mom and Pop" venture, we can't possibly be as comprehensive as the specialty meat markets with their ready access to mass-produced grain-fed meats. Plus, the tiny size of the grass-fed meat industry means it does not have a big business infrastructure. Although we try to keep a good selection of products year-round, grass-fed livestock products are impacted by the seasons and we can't possibly keep every item in stock every single week of the year. What we can do is service Americans who are focused on nutrition and improving their quality of life. Go to Seasonal for more information on how we produce the highest quality grass-fed meats.

How much meat fits in the average refrigerator freezer? The average home refrigerator-freezer has 5.81 cubic feet of freezer space which, when packed solid, can hold 203 pounds of meat. Since 35 pounds of meat will fit into one cubic foot, a 20-pound shipment is very small -- only about the size of a boot box. A 20-pound order of meat only takes up 10% of the freezer space in an average home refrigerator. Our GREEN discount commences when an order reaches 21 pounds.  We offer substantial additional savings to customers who order in 40-pound increments (40, 80, 120, etc.) and the discounts increase as the number of pounds per order increases. The GREENEST discount is given to local customers who come to the ranch and provide their own containers to pick up their orders. Learn how to save with our liberal discounts.

At Slanker Grass-Fed Meat, we offer:

* No Sales Taxes On Food *

* Straightforward Per-Pound Pricing *

* You Select the Cuts You Desire *

* Volume Discounts * 

* Personalized Service *

* Free Shipping *

* Discounts When Picking up at the Ranch *

So what do really good-for-the-body grass-fed meats cost?  For various cuts and straightforward per-pound pricing, click on the appropriate links in the left side panel. 

Happy shopping!