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questions and answers

This is only a small sample of the many questions that come in.  Look in the left-hand side panel for the particular Q & A subcategories that may interest you.  If you do not find the answer to your particular question, please do a search on our website using specific keywords. We have hundreds of articles that also provide answers in great detail.  You may also send your question to  Keep in mind that the answers presented in this section only address some of the questions we've been asked and our answer may not apply exactly to your specific question.

When reading our answers please keep in mind that modern nutritional science inspired us to get into the grass-fed business in 1999. Therefore we are a very science-oriented. Many of our answers may not conform to the schmooze that is so frequent everywhere. We do our research and we present the facts, not the scaremongering tactics and outright mythology that keeps people off the proper track of what is and is not proper food for health and well-being.

Our e-Book, The Real Diet of Man, is also a great source of information.