This is what it's really all about.  Our mission is provide our customers with only the best in nutritious food.  We are not in the meat business to dazzle folks with fancy footwork and schmooze.  We are in it for our health and the health of our customers.  This is why you will not find unhealthy food in our stores.  You will not find buns pictured with our hamburgers.  We our focused on ending the chronic disease epidemic that plagues nearly all Americans.

Wayne "Crossed over the Bridge" to Real Food

I am well into my third order of Slanker's grass-fed beef, and I wanted to tell you that not only am I enjoying the great taste of all of the cuts and ground beef, but I have never felt better in my entire life!

I think I have read just about every word on your web site, and I have just about completely cut out grain based and concocted foods from my diet.  Lots of little aches and pains have disappeared, and I have much more energy and a better outlook on life!

Nell Newman's "Guide to a Good Life"

In her book, Guide to a Good Life, Nell Newman, Paul Newman's daughter, recommends Slanker Grass-Fed Meat as the resource for meat and poultry.  Why?  Because we are a very small, Mom and Pop producer/retailer that raises livestock the old fashion way without artificial hormones and antibiotics in the feed.