This section of our Website serves a twofold purpose.  It contains genuine news items that have been published in the popular media and various professional trade journals. They are real and provide considerable insight into where food comes from and how it is processed.  Many of the news articles are followed by Ted Slanker's commentary.  In addition there are several blog-type presentations that are Op-Eds.  As always the commentary is not based on scare mongering or is it soft-peddled, feel-good rhetoric.  Quite often the views expressed do not dovetail with those of the "misguided" leaders in the War on American Agriculture.  Primarily that's because their agendas are not based on perfect nutrition.  They are focused on scaremongering in order to sell folks more books, supplements, movies, and store-fulls of worthless stuff that is not real food for man.  They claim they are on the side of good versus the evil in the world.  But by misleading people with myths, they are more dangerous than any of the leaders in Big Business.  We will be adding articles to this new section of our Web site as time goes by so you may want to check back every now and then.