These comments from folks with their cooking experiences provides additional educational information.  One of our most difficult hurdles is teaching people how to cook meats.  Most folks destroy meat in the kitchen, they don't enhance it.  It's a real shame.  To those folks who have mastered better culinary skills, we salute.

How I Like Your Meat

Greetings, and may God bless you;

I'm Dale H. and family from Ballwin, Mo. with an update on how I like your meat so far.  I have prepared some of the following so far: ground beef, chuck steak, skirt steak, sirloin, and the brisket.  I still have most of the skirt, sirloin, chuck, and burger left.

I Got the Coals Glowing Nice and Red

"I received my first Slanker Order on Friday and for the first time in months due to our long winter, fired up the grill for some NY Strips.  I got the coals glowing nice and red and let them burn down a bit so it would allow the meat to cook slow as instructed.  Nothing but a little salt and pepper for taste.  My wife and I sat down and we really enjoyed the look of the steak, its natural flavor, and the texture.  It is quite surprising how different the aroma, taste, and texture is from store-bought, grain-fed beef.  Very pleasing.

Doesn't Eat Well-Done Meat Anymore

Thank you for the work you do and the food you provide.  I've been a customer for years now and we not only benefit health-wise from your meats, but we enjoy the taste and texture much more than the grain-fed stuff.  One time I started making chili and realized I was out of ground beef.  I was disappointed to have to go to the grocery store to buy some of theirs.  I bought what seemed the best quality and grade they had, but it was a real disappointment - an icky greasy texture and inferior taste.  Now I'm much more careful not to run out.  Everyone who's tried my meals made with grass-fed