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These articles address nutrition issues. There are many myths in this arena and from time to time we deal with whatever one may be in the news. Our approach to nutrition is based on The Real Diet of Man.  Our approach to food is the basic chemistry of each food item as found in the Food Analysis tables in that eBook. One of the huge failings in all the recommendations for nutritional foods in what most people read and hear is the reckless use of words that have no meaning.  Words such as "organic," "natural," and other such terms do not mean better nutrition or improved food safety. In fact, they take the consumer's eye off the ball which is food chemistry. The fundamental chemistry of the foods people eat has the greatest impact on their health and well-being. Nutritional scientists focus on food chemistry when they are doing nutritional studies. They do not refer to labels such as organic, GMO and nonGmo, or natural or local, small farm, etc.  That's because the chemistry of food has a huge impact on a body while the labels do not.