We warn folks all the time about the grassy, gamy, fishy flavors of grass-fed meats.  We don't want them to think that changing the nutritional profile doesn't come without new flavors.  It does, sometime in spades.  Many folks actually like the meats with their first bite because they are tired of bland-tasting, grain-fed meats.  Some folks have stayed the course until their palates accepted the new flavors -- now they can't go back.  :-)

Four Thumbs Up for Flavor

“Thank you for the fabulous meat we are enjoying it so much and boy!!  Does it take me back to my childhood in Nebraska.  You just can't get real beef in a store anymore.  Thank you again and we will order again.  Oh I almost forgot to tell you our dogs devoured the first bones we gave them in one night.  I think they liked them :)”

Trish M., Maricopa, Arizona.

“We are enjoying our ground beef soooooooooo much!  The hamburger is really delicious and ‘clean’ tasting.  So far, I’ve made stuffed peppers, meat loaf, and patties--all very, very good!”

Returning Customer

Hey Ted and everyone involved, thanks for the great beef!!  Your service and shipping were no less than stellar.  I bought some a few years back and totally loved it but for one reason or another I failed to order anymore, simply eating that crap from Walmart.  I got fed-up with all of this GMO, Cloned, and God knows what else is being foisted upon us and I decided I'm not going to participate.  I wanted to send you this e-mail to say that upon receiving the meat last Friday I immediately had a burger for dinner.

Returning to that Old Savory Flavor

My father was a career military man (Air Force).  During the height of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile crisis, we lived in Lincoln, Nebraska.  My father was an avid pheasant hunter and got to know several of the farmers in the area.  He and one of his hunting buddies would go together and buy a cow from one of the farmers.  They would have the cow processed and we would have grass fed beef all of the time.  Sunday was always steak night.

Tanif Loves the Delicious Clean Taste with a Wonderful Mouth Feel

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail and let you know that I received my order without a problem on Friday.  The UPS guy dropped it off while I was running errands, and amazingly everything was still frozen when I opened it!  Friday I defrosted some of the ground beef and my hubby and I cooked some burgers on the grill.  They were wonderful!  The were so juicy and flavorful.