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Liberal Discount Program

There are two automatic order discounts you can earn in the checkout. The discount is based on the total weight of the order and is calculated in the checkout before an address is entered. The discount requires a zip code to calculate because it's based on the days in transit and shipping box requirements.

Both Discounts Trigger in Review Order of the Checkout

Since both discounts are based on final weight and one on a zip code, they will not appear automatically as you shop.  They can only be seen in the "Review Order" step in the checkout section which is BEFORE you enter credit card numbers and AFTER you enter an address. This gives shoppers the opportunity to create a practice order to see how their discounts grow with their order.  All "practice" orders can be adjusted for more or less weight prior to entering the Credit Card numbers and completing the transaction. We also send out coupons nearly every week in our NOTICES letter and post them in SPECIALS. Make sure you use them. The Checkout accepts multiple coupons. To signup for our newsletter, see side panel under the NEWS image.


Image Shipping Discounts


The LARGE ORDER discount kicks in when an order reaches 40 pounds. That's because it goes in one box. Shipping companies penalize us with much higher shipping rates when an order plus box, ice, and insulation exceeds 50 pounds. So when orders go two or three pounds over 40, we have to ship in two boxes! Conseuqnetly, the magic number is 40 and increments of 40. When the weight of an entire order is between 40 to 79.99 pounds, you earn a 2% discount off the total amount due. Orders between 80 pounds and 119.99 pounds are discounted 5% for the entire order. The discounts continue to increase up to a whopping 12% for orders that weigh 200 pounds or more (see table below). Orders may be any combination of products (with the exceptions of quarters of beef, halves of beef, and whole carcasses of beef as they are already heavily discounted). The LARGE discount is automatically applied to your order when you enter the Checkout.

HINT:  To optimize your savings, pay special attention to the breakpoints in this discount table.  For instance, a 79.9-pound order receives a 2% discount but an 80-pound order receives a 5% discount. Stopping your order just shy of a breakpoint is costly.

The second primary discount is a GREEN discount.  It is based on your shipping address zip code, the size of the shipping box, and the amount of insulation required for the days in transit. It can only be applied AFTER you have provided the shipping address which is before you enter your credit card numbers.  We call this a GREEN discount because it adjusts for the weight of the box and ice, which for a smaller order is much greater when compared to a larger order. This discount kicks in when a qualifying order reaches 21 pounds and increases as the order increases in weight. The maximum GREEN discount is given on orders weighing 40 pounds and multiples of 40 pounds. Although this is a small discount on 21-pound orders, it jumps quickly as orders increase in weight. It is a significant discount on orders above 40 pounds. When your order is 21 pounds or more, the GREEN discount will be automatically applied to your order in the "Review Order" page.

Sweet Spots

In the ordering process there are "sweet" spots where small order surcharges are reduced or the discounts increase. They are 12 lb, 20 lb, 21 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb, 80 lb, 120 lb, 160 lb, 200 lb, 240, 280 lb, and 320 lb.  Reminders of these breakpoints are constantly scrolling by in every product box. If you want to save money, do not stop just short of any of these sweet spots. For example, assume your order is 11.6 lb which has a small order handling charge of $15. If you purchase just one additional pound of ground beef, your order would be 12.6 pounds which would lessen the surcharge by $5. That reduces the per pound cost of the extra pound of ground beef by $5. That is a huge savings on that one pound of ground beef. An order of 74 pounds earns both the 2% LARGE ORDER WEIGHT and GREEN discounts. By adding just 6 pounds to reach the 80-pound break, the entire order earns a 5% discount and the maximum GREEN discount. On average, the purchase of the extra six pounds can result in savings of $4.20 per pound of those six pounds (depending on the average cost per pound of the order). The sweet spots, especially those starting at 40 pounds, occur at weights that are more efficiently processed. Large orders that meet the 40-pound incremental breakpoints exactly are good for you, for us, and for the environment.

The GREENEST discount is when customers pick up their orders from the ranch and supply their own boxes. This discount kicks in when the pickup-the-order box is selected in the checkout process. Local customers can order online and pay online.  Then they can make arrangements to pick up their orders. We have personnel on duty seven days a week so it is very easy to arrange a convenient time to make a pickup.

Every Customer Can Earn Discounts

Most people can earn a discount even if they only have an average-sized refrigerator. The average freezer space in a typical refrigerator is 5.8 cubic feet.  Thirty-five pounds of meat can be packed into a cubic foot so that average-sized refrigerator freezer space can hold a whopping 203 pounds of meat if tightly packed. Other people want more "elbow room" so they buy separate freezers to take advantage of volume discounts. (Craig's List is a good place to look for used freezers.)

Other customers may get together with friends and place a "CO-OP" order. One person submits the order, pays for it, and has the order shipped to one address.  When the order arrives, the CO-OP leader divvies up the products and collects the money. In a CO-OP situation everyone gets the products they want and they all share in the volume-discount savings.

Who eats that much meat? 

Some folks can't imagine how they can even eat 20 pounds of meat.  But it's a snap if one is striving for perfect nutrition, optimizing body function, maintaining a powerful immune system, and protecting the planet. Ted and Linda Slanker are serious about their health. They eat some veggies, some fruit, a few nuts, and very little grain, but together they eat 100% grass-fed and Omega-3 meats and wild-caught fish to their heart's content to the tune of more than 45 pounds per month (that's 1.5 pounds per day!). They also strive to eat fattier cuts and cook with animal fats.

For heart health, grass-fed meats are unbeatable.  See the results of Ted's blood lipid test HERE.

 Ted and Linda Slanker

Ted and Linda Slanker