Shopping Discount Explanation

Liberal Discount Program

There are two automatic order discounts you can earn in the checkout. The discount is based on the total weight of the order and is calculated in the checkout before an address is entered. The discount requires a zip code to calculate because it's based on the days in transit and shipping box requirements.

Both Discounts Trigger in Review Order of the Checkout

Since both discounts are based on final weight and one on a zip code, they will not appear automatically as you shop.  They can only be seen in the "Review Order" step in the checkout section which is BEFORE you enter credit card numbers and AFTER you enter an address. This gives shoppers the opportunity to create a practice order to see how their discounts grow with their order.  All "practice" orders can be adjusted for more or less weight prior to entering the Credit Card numbers and completing the transaction. We also send out coupons nearly every week in our NOTICES letter and post them in SPECIALS. Make sure you use them. The Checkout accepts multiple coupons. To signup for our newsletter, see side panel under the NEWS image.