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Nutrition and Health

Are the Paleo Treats I read about good for you?

Q:  There are many website offering Paleo Treats, Cookies, etc.  It looks like their ingredients fit in my caveman diet and I was wondering what Ted thinks about these sites?

A:  To determine if any processed food actually fits The Real Diet of Man, you must analyze the ingredients.  For instance here are the ingredients from one advertised product:  "Honey, pecans, eggs, coconut oil, cacao powder, almond flour.  That is it, and that is all."

What's the Data on Grass-Fed Beef for Calories, Fat, Saturated Fat, & Protein

Q:  I hope that you will be able to help me.  I am in the process of switching to grass fed beef (and yes, I like the taste).  I understand that it has higher CLAs, is rich in omega 3, and is lower in fat and calories.  I log my food and have not been able to find basic data for grass fed beef (ie, calories, fat, saturated fat, protein) I realize that every cow is different but I am hoping that you have some numbers or can point me to a site that contains this basic data.  My preferred choices in cuts are tenderloin, flank, and rump roast.

Will Lactic Acid Make the Meat Inedible?

Q:  I found out about your company through a friend on Facebook.  I have a corn allergy so grassfed meat is something I have been looking for.  However, I have questions as to how the animals are slaughtered and how the processing equipment is cleaned and how the meat is packaged.  Especially problematic: Lactic acid (for cleaning equipment) and citric acid (preservative used in soaker pads) are most often made from corn and will make the meat inedible for a corn allergic person.