True Health Stories


These stories were submitted by our customers and advocates of grass-fed meats.  We are always seeking True Life Stories about personal experiences with battling and curing chronic diseases.  If you have a story, send it to us.  We would really like to spread the word.

If you have a story, we want to hear about it.

I Was Diagnosed With a Rare Form of Narcolepsy

My name is Kelly Garner and I want to tell you my story.

I Had Ulcerative Colitis

Your call for folks to contact you after having had a monumental change in their diet includes myself.  I believe you were referring to the diet change with regards to autism.  My experience is not with autism but with Ulcerative Colitis.

I Cured Myself of Multiple Sclerosis

In 2003 Terry Wahls, M.D., was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and soon became dependent upon a tilt-recline wheelchair.  She now uses intensive directed nutrition in her primary care and traumatic brain injury clinics.  Dr. Wahls is the lead scientist in a clinical trial testing her protocol in others with progressive MS.

The Real Diet of Man Worked For Me

I am writing this e-mail to share my testimony regarding my experience following The Real Diet of Man.  Before I start, I want to thank you for your extensive scientific research on grass fed meat nutrition, omega 3 to 6 ratio as well as vegetables.  Your analysis about kale has been right in line with what I have experienced when eating it as well.  I also want to thank you for your commitment to nutrition and for providing your service to us as consumers.  I can't thank you enough for your honesty and care in

I Developed Crohn’s Disease When Twelve Years Old

Three and a half years ago I developed Crohn’s disease.  I was twelve years old at the time.  Since I was born, my mom made sure that I ate decent, organic food.  However, I ate little meat, and had a fetish for bread and pasta.  When I entered middle school, the quality of school lunch also declined.  I remember once hitting my grilled cheese against the side of the table, like a brick.  It didn't break.  Beginning middle school was a bit stressful for me, and I compensated when I came home after a hard day by shoving whatever I could find in my mouth, whether that was Hershey's Kisses or

I Had Rheumatoid Arthritis

At the ripe old age of 30, I was stunned when I learned I had arthritis.  I started treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, in hopes of stopping the autoimmune disease in its tracks and staving off any long-term effects.  I tried a variety of medications, all ineffective, except for Methotrexate (a drug originally developed for chemotherapy).

Here's one warning about the drug's side effects:

I Contemplated SUICIDE!

I use the word “suicide” here to, yes, get your attention, because that’s what I was feeling before I started the Paleo/Caveman Diet.

I Was Overweight With Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis

This is my story about how my life changed once I got on the Caveman/Paleo diet.

Statement from a Participant in the Nutritional Profession

I have been eating grass-fed meat for 10 years now.  This is really very simple.  Cows were meant to eat grass and not grains.  I work for a Doctor in the nutrition industry and our whole company, when referring to grain fed meat, calls them "barf burgers."   Picture if you were an alien and you came down to eat earthlings.  Would you go for the guy who eats McDonald's everyday, or would you go for the earthling who has eaten a plant based, grass-fed meat, all natural diet?  This is the same comparison to cows eating grain versus plants.  I think the answer is easy.