Coco Polo 70% Dark Chocolate

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Coco Polo chocolate bars are made with Dark Chocolate from Cocoa and "sweetened" with Stevia. They are far healthier than sugar sweetened bars.

Taste these bars in comparison with any luxury chocolate product, with or without sugar or sugar substitutes. The taste is wonderful. Here's more information about the key sweetening ingredient.

Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, yet it is zero glycemic. That is why it is a healthy sweetener. All other sweeteners such as dates, honey, and natural syrups are high glycemic sweeteners and are unhealthy just like refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Stevia tends to impart a differnt sweet sensation which is why it took hundreds of formulations before Coco Polo bars could have their unique and completely wonderful taste and mouth feel with no indication that the sweetness comes from Stevia.

Adding Stevia to chocolate does not result in digestive difficulties which may occur with other sugar substitutes. Stevia is also safe and effective for diabetics.

Chocolate has 445 mg of Omega-6 and 82 mg of Omega-3 per 2.5 ounce bar. It takes about one ounce of salmon to offset the omega-3 deficit in one chocolate bar.


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