Buffalo Thin Franks

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Package Weight: 1.00 lbs Price Per Pound: $19.09 Available Quantity: 41

Pack of about eight thin wieners.  Heat and serve or just thaw and serve.  The Franks have no casings. No sugar.

Heat and serve or just thaw and serve. The Franks from our new processor have no casings. No sugar. Smoked but not cured. No nitrates or nitrites added except for that found in celery juice powder or sea salt.
These franks look like typical hot dogs but contain no red dye color. About eight to a pack. Ingredients: U.S. raised grass-fed buffalo trim, water, seasonings: (sea salt, paprika, ground mustard seed, whole mustard seed, ground mace, granulated garlic, black pepper, ground celery seed, white, pepper), sodium lactate, celery juice powder (celery powder, sea salt).  U.S. raised grass-fed buffalo.

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