Small Premium Beef Pet Food

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"Whole Cow," raw, grass-fed, grass-finished, USDA inspected. Natural balance of lean, fat, and organ meat.  No added water, grains, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, or flavorings. 100% U.S. raised and processed grass-fed beef.

Handy Package Size

Handy Package Size

"Whole Cow" is made from an entire grass-fed cow except for two exceptions. It's a USDA inspected product and the USDA won’t let us use brains, hides, intestines, or body parts not considered human grade. We retain for human use about 15 pounds of lean meat and 50 pounds of bones from each cow. The pets get everything else! Bones may be purchased separately. We encourage pet owners to buy in bulk and save.

“Everything else” is lean meat, fat, gristle, and all organs coarse-ground together into 1.5-pound packages and flash-frozen. The resulting product looks like human grade USDA inspected 85/15 ground beef even though it’s about 6.5% organ meat. This natural ratio of lean meat, fat, and organ meat makes our grass-fed beef mix literally the nation’s highest quality and healthiest dog and cat food. It contains no vegetable or fruit fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives.

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