Sockeye Salmon Boneless Fillets -- small

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Package Weight: 1.10 lbs Price Per Pound: $18.49 Available Quantity: 6

One small wild-caught boneless Sockeye Fillet.

Sockeye, also called Red Salmon, are highly prized for their rich flavor, deep red-orange color, superb quality and high oil content. Sockeye are several shades darker than other species, both raw and after cooking.

    Boneless / Skin-On
    Highest-Grade Wild Alaskan Sockeye
    Sustainably Harvested

Each species of wild salmon has its own characteristic flavor and texture, and those differences have their own fan clubs. Maybe the most popular salmon may be the Sockeye. It features a deep, rich flavor that many Alaskans consider the "truest" salmon taste. Our skin-on filleted sockeye sides thaw and cook quickly.

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