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This product is eligible for additional discounts.

Whether your resolution is weight loss, better health, and/or improved fitness it starts wise food choices.  SGFM's Resolution Box of quality meats, fats, and snacks can help put you on your way.  This package includes the following:

1 pack Omega-3 Chicken Breast Tenders or Beef Sirloin Stir Fry Strips (about 1 lb)
1.4 lbs Beef Top Sirloin Steaks.
2 packs Ground Beef High Fat Patties or Lean Patties about 2 lbs
2 packs Keto 50/50 Ground beef about 2 lbs total
2 packs Ground Beef High Fat about 2 lbs total
2 pack Beef Summer Sausages about 1 lb total
1 pack Beef sliced Beef Bologna about 1 lb total or Beef Salami
1 pack Beef Snack Sticks  1/2 lb total
2 packs Pork Keto 50/50 Breakfast Links about 2 lbs total
1 pack Smoked Pork Ham Slice about 1 lb total

This link will provide a better understanding of how our grass-fed Omega-3 meats help you achieve your goals, why you should stop eating sugar and carbs and teach your body to burn fat, and the critical importance or Omega-3.

Here are some tips for making your New Year's Resolution successful.  It's starts with: Let’s Get SMART  Then maybe these steps will also help. 1)Involve friends or family.  Be supportive of others around you and be encouraged by the people around you.  2) Don't worry about little bumps in the road.  And if you cheat just reset your goals and get back to the plan. 4) Research the science behind what you are trying to do and read other people's stories.  5) Don't make excuses. Instead, be thankful for all that you have.

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