Not only do we test the essential fatty acid profiles of our meats, we also test ourselves. Tell us how many food sources you’ve found that will do the same and report the results. If they don’t, what kind of games are they playing?

As the Neuropathy article explains, low ratios of less than 4:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are crucial for good health. Just how low is the key. Our meats average less than 2:1. To get your ratio down to that level and keep it there requires deliberate action. It just doesn’t happen by wishing it were so.

For instance, say you eat two eggs with 125 mg of Omega-3 and 660mg of Omega-6. Those two eggs a day creates a 1,070 mg Omega-3 deficit. Two olives in a salad is a 60 mg deficit. Two ounces of almonds is a 6,753 mg deficit. A half an avocado adds a 1,075 mg deficit. These deficits total 8,958 mg. That's a huge deficit compared to the delicate balances of low levels of EFAs in greens and meats. When the good foods are eventually balanced, they cannot correct a deficit.

These numbers illustrate how difficult it is to evenly balance your EFA consumption. So, unless you eat nothing but green leafy vegetables, grass-fed and Omega-3 meats, and wild-caught seafood you must supplement with flaxseed and/or fish oils.

The egg issue is why we recently started a small flock of Omega-3 laying hens. Since it is a very small operation, it's not a profit center. But we want the better eggs.  As side note, many food products claiming to be Omega-3 products have EFA ratios above 5:1. Since ratios above 4:1 are associated with many chronic diseases, we want our ratios to be less than 2.5:1.

We invite you to review the complete results of Ted’s most recent blood test. We also encourage everyone to take the test. (Put slanker in the offer code to save.) It is the most relevant blood test you can take for heart health and your general defense against not only chronic diseases but even viruses and infections. A low ratio is an indication of brain, nerve, and immune system function. How’s your ratio?


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