I’ll quote the author, Amanda Radke, a South Dakota rancher and Editor of BEEF Daily.  “When I cut grains from my diet, I discovered the concept of eating like a caveman and was amazed how quickly the weight came off and how easily I was able to manage my health.”

Here’s the link to the article in BEEF Magazine.

Of major note is that the article pointed out grain is not a normal food for man, but totally ignored the fact grain is not a normal food for dogs, cats, fish, or CATTLE.  In actual fact the list of critters whose chemistry evolved on this planet to eat seeds is next to zero.  The reason is the foundation food for all animal life is the green leaf.  It All Began in the Sea . . .

Amazingly, but maybe not so amazingly, the article in BEEF ignored the fact that grain-fed animals have nutritional deficiencies that are passed on to whomever eats them.   It ignored the fact that grass-fed animals even exist.  It gave the fledgling grass-fed beef industry the cold shoulder illustrating the veracity of the article’s own reference to a Barry Sears observation:   . . . there are three “visceral” things in life – religion, politics and nutrition. “They’re all based on belief systems and none like to be challenged.”

Consequently, this article is another prime example of how people can, with jaws clenched, resist change as they gloss over scientific facts to their own detriment.  Here are three examples of that practice.  A) There is a measurable financial benefit for ranchers who change from raising 750-pound commodity calves that are finished in feedlots to raising those same calves to 1,100 pounds on their own pastures.  B) If only raising grass-fed livestock were the accepted management practice, ranchers and their customers would experience a tremendous improvement in their health.  C) A healthy populace would greatly benefit the nation financially, emotionally, and in terms of productivity.

Instead, the beat goes on

Ted Slanker

Friday, May 25, 2012