Food Safety

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The public is very confused about Food Safety.  Many folks have been conditioned by marketers to believe myths.  Unfortunately, like the more conventional food marketers, even the "health food" marketers get caught up in "stretching the truth."  For instance, I've seen candy bars on display at conventions for nutritionists that had hydrogenated oils in them.  Guess what the nutritionists were gobbling up.  Yeah.  Disgusting.  There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the "organic" label business.  I could beat this horse for awhile.  The point is, food safety is more complicated than most folks know.  By and large, food in the USA is amongst the best in the world for food safety.  But we all must be careful because the cleanest home kitchens are rarely as clean as food processing plants.  So, these articles will be prompted by news articles and the commentary is designed to explore the big picture.