Column 454        May 10, 2024We Are Hamas

By a fluke I ran across and then watched the movie “The Green Prince.” I found it on Tubi and as I watched it, I learned it was an outstanding, award-wining documentary that everyone in the world should watch—especially the goofy children who are protesting against Israel and America at our colleges these days shouting “I am Hamas.”

The film tells the story of Yousef, son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who for ten years was a spy for Israel's Shin Bet. The documentary features largely interviews with Mosab Hassan Yousef and also with his operator Gonen Ben Yitzhak, with original footage from the events covered, mainly from the Second Intifada, interspersed during and between those interviews. It covers Israel's counter-terrorism efforts during that period. The movie received four awards: Best Documentary Award by the Israeli Film Academy (2014), Audience Award during the Moscow International Film Festival (2014), Best Documentary Award at the Sundance Film Festival (2014) and Best Documentary at the Bavarian Film Awards (2015).1

It’s a true story told by the men who lived it. The story begins in the mid-1990s when Mosab Hassan Yousef wanted to be a fighter because that was what was expected of Palestinian children in the West Bank. Yousef was first arrested when he was ten and jailed by Israel numerous times by the time he was 20.2

What many Israeli protestors do not know is what Yousef realized as a young man. Yousef said that his doubts about Islam and Hamas began forming when he realized Hamas' brutality, and that he hated how Hamas used the lives of suffering civilians and children to achieve its goals—just like they do to this very day.

October 7, 2022, was a Hamas human slaughtering and sexual mutilation operation. There are numerous videos online about the atrocities committed on that fateful day. For instance “Screams Before Silence” explains through firsthand accounts the brutality that only deranged humans are capable of toward their fellow man. What the Hamas attackers did to women is beyond the imagination of normal people. Yet many of our country’s college protestors that are shouting “I am Hamas” are women. Does that mean they condone the kind of brutality Hamas thugs deliberately inflict on innocent Israeli women?3

The rioting students we hear about have been motivated by their ignorance of history that was exploited by their “leaders.” These kids, and many of their professors and college administrators, are so dumb they don’t even know they are pawns in the hands of paid agitators with long police records. Even the “Wall Street Journal” revealed that the social unrest at colleges and universities was the result of a multi month "training and planning" campaign by "activists and left-wing groups." Some of the  left-wing groups are funded by Soros and other New World Order billionaires.4

These rioters started their planned protests almost immediately after the October 7, 2023-invasion of Israel by Hamas. That attack resulted in more than 1,200 deaths, primarily Israeli citizens, making it the deadliest day for Israel since its independence. More than 240 people were taken hostage during the attack. With a population of only 9.25 million, 1,200 Israeli deaths and 240 hostages in one day is the equivelent of 43,641 slaughtered citizens and 8,728 hostages in a population of 336.4 million Americans. And to think how enraged our country was in response to 911 when 2,977 people were killed.

Unfortunately, the Israeli deaths resulting from that day have increased since an unknown number of the hostages are now dead. Everyone fears what the remaining hostages may be going through in terms of inhumane torture. Reportedly, the fears are that it may take years for the survivors to return to normal if they ever do. It’s no wonder why Hamas is considered a terrorist organization of the worst kind.

There are hundreds of books, movies, videos, and commentary regarding Jewish history available online and in book stores. It’s impossible for our country’s youth to not have the background to understand the true story that has resulted in what is now becoming an age-old conflict. This is why every red-blooded American should be concerned with how easy it was to recruit so many college-aged, useful idiots from our schools to want to kill Jews and condemn the United States.5 6

The protesting movement is basically a Marxist movement to fundamentally change America and rewrite its Constitution and Bill of Rights. Movements such as what we are experiencing today were successful in many other countries that were turned into dictatorships. Ignore them at your own peril.

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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