A Post by “Spartacus” Has Gone Viral

The Automatic Earth blog described a report by "Spartacus" as follows:

“This is an anonymously posted document by someone who calls themselves Spartacus. Because it’s anonymous, I can’t contact them to ask for permission to publish. So I hesitated for a while, but it’s simply the best document I’ve seen on Covid, vaccines, etc. Whoever Spartacus is, they have a very elaborate knowledge in ‘the field’. If you want to know a lot more about the no. 1 issue in the world today, read it. And don’t worry if you don’t understand every single word, neither do I. But I learned a lot.”

Read the original pdf post, which contains 14 pages, followed by another 17 pages of references, right HERE.

After reading this, then think about how evil it is for the government to demand that everyone get vaccinated, including children who are not at risk. Although, since we don't know who wrote this post, maybe it's not 100% factural. For that, you'll have to make up your own mind. But make sure to read the many linking footnotes.