Lot's of folks are making resolutions this time of year.  All of them require change.  It's the rare individual who actually follows through on those changes and usually it's because they've structured in "outs."  Making a resolution with an easy exit ramp is actually exciting because it sets a new course that one really doesn't have to follow for this reason or that.  In other words, the resolution is a short-term feel good deviation that's made to fail.

Recently I had a real world letter come it with the easy exit ramp built in.  Here's his letter and it is followed by my reply.

Hello, my name is XX.
I am a fellow Texan from XX, Texas. I am also (according to my doctor) a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. lol.  I am a workaholic that has let his health go completely to crap (60 lbs excess weight, high blood pressure, lipids off the charts etc.).  I have resolved to change that beginning NOW.  I am in the beginning stage of changing everything diet wise.  You guys are my first step!  I was searching the net for REAL food sources including meat, fruit, vegetables, etc., to restock my freezer and refrigerator when I throw away every last thing in my current pantry/fridge inventory!!  lol.  I came across your site and was impressed and wanted to let you know.  I am in a community that does not have a "Whole Foods" market or the like.  We can't even get a tomato that tastes like a tomato at our stores.  I also wanted to let you know to someone like me you are more than an online merchant.  Your operation is a source of better and healthier life for the people you serve if what I read on your site is fact and not simply "marketing".
I put in my first trial order online this evening and look forward to receiving it soon.  I may should have called but it was after hours.
After I get my first order and it's as good as I expect it will be I may call for my next order and get your suggestions.
Keep up the mission.
P.S.  I don't suppose you know of any great fruit/veggie suppliers?

Welcome aboard XX:

Sure our info is designed with marketing in mind.  But that doesn't mean I don't place honesty and scientific truths first.  In 1970 I was selling gold stocks and gold coins to investors.  The sophisticated investors of that era thought my marketing claims were dangerous and unenlightened.  But I pounded the table of fundamental truths (cold calling, newsletters, research reports, newspaper articles, speaking at conferences, giving lectures, getting on television, etc.) and after many years some people caught on to what I was talking about.  The mob still doesn't have a good grasp of what the gold market is all about yet, but at least gold is no longer $35 an ounce with a worldwide central bank guarantee to buy gold off the free market if it's price dropped below $35.  Yep, I was selling a "guaranteed" zero downside investment that had unlimited upside potential.  For that I was called unpatriotic, unethical, and my suggestions that widows and orphans should buy it was called imprudent.  Yes, all my statements then were for marketing.  That's how I made my living and paid for my ranching addiction.  I bought a horse in 1969 and shortly thereafter some cattle.  I've been in that game ever since.

I have always been a stickler for learning fundamental truths.  I did it in the money and markets game, the cattle ranching game, and in nutrition.  What I've been writing about on my website comes from research.  Some of it is my own research, but 99% of it is from the research of scientists whom I respect for the quality of their work.  I believe that one can build a good business on unvarnished basic truths.  I do not need to compromise my integrity for a dollar and I won't.  I'm also capable of changing my mind if I discover things aren't right.  If customers and potential customers don't like what I say, what I do, and how I do it -- so be it.  I want to do business with people who can accept the limitations of our business and who are not afraid to stand aside from the stampeding herd.

That's about me.

Now let me address some of your comments.  You say that you'll continue if "it's as good as I expect."  Well I don't know what you mean by that.  If you are referring to positive nutrition, then you'll be a customer for life.  If you are expecting something special, the most tender, a flavor you think is good, no change in your lifestyle, cooking and eating habits, etc., you will be disappointed.  Grass-fed meats are not the norm because the mob prefers grain-fed meats for a wide variety of reasons -- none of which includes positive nutrition.  I'm focused on perfect nutrition.  The mob and I are poles apart.  Consequently our lifestyles are poles apart.  That requires tremendous discipline on my part.  I've had to change and stay a course my friends consider extreme.  Today's social norm is to eat and talk.  I can talk, but no one wants to hear about nutrition and there is a whole lot of eating establishments where I can't find anything on the menu fit to eat.   lol

That brings me around to what to eat.  You will need to really understand the info on this Food Analysis page.  To summarize, to cure yourself and totally reverse the "heart attack" waiting to happen you need to eat the following:

Lot's of grass-fed meats and the fat.

Some veggies -- limited to those that offer 100% of the nutrients you require, a balanced fat profile, and are low glycemic.

That's basically it.  No milk, no nuts, no grain, and fruit sparingly.

You must avoid high glycemic food like the plague.

Whether the veggies and fruit are organic or not is not all that important.  Fresh is best.  Most local grocery stores have the veggies you need.

To do all this you'll have to struggle against the generally accepted truths that cause all the misery.  Even your doctor will think you are crazy.  But if you go to this page you can download my blood lipid profile test.  Note the heart health.  Yes, doctors tell me that my cholesterol is too high.  But it's too high because the good component is "too high."  Most health care folks don't understand that is good.  It's best for my brain function and heart health.  But they are lost in the smog of common knowledge.

So there you have it.  There are truths in this world.  And if you don't want to end up like all the other old people who are living only because of drugs and operations, then you have to be different.  You have to march to a different drummer.  You must have discipline to change your tastes and even the way you live.  And you must be willing to change so much that others will call you weird.  Most of my friends and relatives refuse to do anything calling for change.  They suffer the consequences and their health issues are their number one topic of conversation.  If I happen to suggest nutrition as a cure, some of them will actually get up and leave the room.

So, you say you are up for change.  But as they say, actions speak louder than words.  So from here on, it's up to you, not on whether or not this first sampling of meat hits a home run based on your preconceived expectations.

Thanks for your comments.  And once again, welcome aboard.  As you can see, you got my suggestions without calling.  No charge.  lol

Ted Slanker

Sunday, December 29, 2013