Vacation time is upon us.  So let the fun begin!  But does this mean we have to sacrifice our health for the good times?  When it comes to food, generally vacations mean some of our customers throw caution to the wind for the good times if they have not planned ahead.  So here is the plan.

The foods required for optimizing body and brain function must cover all three of the critically important “A, B, C” parameters or else don’t eat them.

  • A.  Eat low glycemic foods.  High glycemic foods are foreign to body function and cause fungal issues that negatively impact the body.
  • B.  Eat foods that are low in Omega-6s and high in Omega-3s, seeking a 1:1 ratio.  This 1:1 balance between Omega-6s and Omega-3s is critical for a strong immune system.
  • C.  Eat nutrient dense foods, especially those that provide 100% of the nutrients needed for optimal body function. Why eat foods that do not significantly contribute to the needs of the body?

Am I a Party Pooper?

We’re going on vacation.  Can’t we have a little fun?  That’s always the plea.  So let’s walk through an example of having some fun.  Let’s start the day with a big meal of hot cakes, bacon and eggs at the Waffle House.  Make sure you pour on a liberal helping of syrup.  For lunch lets have a burger, fries, and a soft drink at the local hangout.  Then let’s top off the day in style with a big steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  Order the big steak seared on a 500 degree platter.  Make sure the baked potato is heavily slathered with all the trimmings.  Skip the salad.  For desert get the pie ala mode.  Two scoops of ice cream please.

Maybe you can handle these meals no sweat.  If so, maybe it’s no big deal.  But what if you have fungal issues?  The syrup, hot cakes, soft drinks, fries, buns, baked potato complete with trimmings, pie and ice cream may give you enough of a sugar load to flare up your fungal issues big time.  And quick too.  That night and the next day you’re sick.  Is this the way to have a good time?

You’ve been eating properly for many months, but what happens if you over indulge in grain-based foods high in Omega-6 fatty acids versus Omega-3 fatty acids for a couple of weeks?  Could that cause autoimmune issues?  Maybe an asthma flare up?  Is that having a good time?

Going on vacation is not always stress free.  Often it opens up new challenges that we’re not used to.  How we address more stress can greatly impact our health.  Good food that builds immunity is critical.  Low glycemic foods that retard fungal issues is critical.  Exercise is critical.  Rest is critical.  Emotional peace is critical.

Staying healthy while on vacation is having a good time.  Getting sick is not.

How Do I Get Good Food?

There are multiple ways to get food that matches the important A, B, C requirements.  For starters, most good restaurants offer salads (use apple cider vinegar for dressings) and seafood dishes that can fit the bill for all three of the A, B, Cs.  Rarely will restaurants have grass-fed meats though.  But these days many high end grocery stores carry at least some grass-fed ground meat.  Although, in my biased opinion, their grass-fed meats usually don’t “taste right.”  That always concerns me.  Positively, grocery stores carry all the proper vegetables.

Another option is to ship meat on ahead.  It helps then if you rent rooms with kitchen facilities, stay with friends or relatives, or know of restaurants where the chefs can prepare your meat dishes for you.  When you order from us, we can time the delivery so the meat arrives when you need it.  This is rather simple for us.  We’re always focused on the delivery dates for obvious reasons.

The third option is to take your meat with you.  This is my preferred method.  To make this a lot easier I have a small electric freezer that runs on house current or the car battery.  It holds about 50 pounds of meat!  You can see it here.  It works great.  The main compartment holds the temperature at zero.  The small side compartment is maybe 35 degrees.

For those of us who have been eating The Real Diet of Man for some years now, we can tell pretty quick if we deviate from the goal.  Our bodies react quickly.  Of course, if you are only nibbling on the Diet of Man for reasons other than a total focus on health and well being, then deviations are no big deal.  You have health issues or are developing health issues therefore the symptoms you feel are “normal.”  You do not know what the real normal is.  Therefore you’ll have to excuse us for not following your lead.

Ted Slanker

Saturday, June 29, 2013