Column #409       November 3, 2023Fenced In

Right before our eyes our freedoms are being stripped away. Maybe you don’t feel it, but quite a few citizens have already felt the heavy boot of government gendarmes on their necks. It occurred on a national scale during the pandemic crisis where The Bill of Rights and the Constitution were essentially abandoned overnight. But government oppression didn’t stop with the discrediting of all aspects of the phony Fauci pandemic. Just ask the more peaceful citizens who were caught up in the roundup that followed the Jan6 event.

What the Biden government and his kangaroo courts is doing to Trump is another example of our government ignoring the Constitution and legal precedent. How can it be that a former president, who is running for reelection, can be silenced by corrupt judges using phony unconstitutional charges? In addition his home is raided for classified documents while Biden’s decades-long stashes of classified documents are disclosed without fanfare as they are discovered here and there. Why is our wide open southern border letting in terrorists, some who have been caught with explosive devices, to join sleeper cells? How is it that due to stonewalling by the DOJ, FBI, and IRS it’s been almost impossible to investigate the Biden family’s corruption?

The list of ills being exacerbated by the Obama/Biden presidency is staggering. The ills include: national debt, border, restricted freedoms, Ukraine-Russia, Iran-Israel-Hamas, crime, addictions, debauchery, wokeism, schools, military, legal system, censorship, deep state, foreign policy, energy policy, taxes, inflation, economy, weaponized legal system, police state, lying, medical deception, child mutilation, and more. There are seemingly no checks and balances to stop the Obama/Biden administration and the entire goose-stepping Democratic party for stripping citizens of their God given rights. Yet, in spite of the pain, conservatives sit and wait for an election that may not happen.

Our country is flirting with two wars and war footings can usher in martial law. Under martial law military rule and the suspension of civilian legal processes replaces the laws of the civilian government. The time frame can be brief or even indefinitely. When we know the leadership is not only corrupt, but is more inclined to make decisions that are against the country’s best interests, I fear for how much more damage they’ll do during the next 15 months of wrecking total havoc on the country.1 2

The Ukraine-Russia war is a corrupt farce that was staged over several decades by our own government. And for some reason the United States has no interest in negotiating a settlement or truce, instead it wants the U.S. taxpayer to continue supporting a very corrupt Ukraine indefinitely without a plan for victory. On the other hand, the Iran/Hamas-Israel battle is only receiving lukewarm support from the Obama/Biden administration as it continues to call for a pause. The weakness shown by the United States is actually encouraging Iran, Russia, Turkey, North Korea, China, and other nations to stir the international pot against Israel’s right to protect its borders and citizens.3

The pro Hamas/Palestinian demonstrations here in the USA are primarily a youth movement inspired by our Universities. This shows us how effective our educational system has been in separating our children from their parents and teaching them ideologies that are abhorrent compared to the preferred American way of life. Xi Van Fleet, who grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution, is the author of the new book, “Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning.” Her book should be required reading for every student in America as well as George Orwells’ “1984.”4 5 6

There’s a huge number of kids coming out of our school system that are radical liberals. They are totally nuts without even an inkling of what’s actual history—world history or our country’s own history. Many students are graduating as hard core communists and even Nazis! As such they’ve been taught to trust their adult school advisors and not their parents.

Our MSM continues to do our nation disservice. It amplifies the positions of the minorities and in doing so aids and abets the information war being waged against us by our enemies. It’s the information war that can lead into WWIII. Properly staged lies can motivate mobs into demanding the unthinkable. And rendering our country powerless is the goal of our enemies. Unfortunately, our leader is incapable of putting together coherent thoughts and he prefers to react to the radical left rather than even so much as listen to the center.

While all this transpires, the Obama/Biden administration seems hellbent on weakening the USA from within. It’s running up the national debt, keeping the southern border open, is incapable of providing answers in the information war, is neglecting law and order, promotes woke thinking in the military, and has a feckless foreign policy. Virtually everything it does is the opposite of MAGA!

It’s time to study world history and you’ll see how other great nations collapsed in turmoil and were overrun by the mobs who were serving despotic leaders. This is why our country’s silent majority can no longer be silent. It needs its own demonstrations and willingness to engage in the information war.

The children of American have gone back to school. So it’s imperative that parents and grandparents get more involved in their education. Parents must attend PTA meetings and get to know the teachers. When the opportunity arises they need to sit down with their children and discuss what it was that made America great. For sure they must discuss world history from the fall of Rome to the more recent cases of the French (July, 1789) and Russian (March, 1917) revolutions plus China’s “Cultural Revolution” that started in 1966. Of course, these days they need to instruct their children on the history of the Jewish people—a history that extends back more than 4,000 years!7 8 9 10 11

There’s 15 more months to go before change can take place. But for change to happen, the silent majority can’t remain silent between now and January 2025. So, is it happening now?12

To your health.

Ted Slanker

Ted Slanker has been reporting on the fundamentals of nutritional research in publications, television and radio appearances, and at conferences since 1999. He condenses complex studies into the basics required for health and well-being. His eBook, The Real Diet of Man, is available online.

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